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Looking for some summer fun? Then load the mess kits and matches into the minivan and make a break for the great outdoors—vegan-style. You’ll be a happy camper when you fill your pack full of cruelty-free camping gear that makes roughing it easy on animals.

Take a Hike!

We’re not telling you off—we’re just telling you a great way to enjoy nature without hurting animals! Forget fishing. Get hooked on canoeing, bird-watching, or hiking instead. Hit the trails with the following functional, affordable, and rugged hide-free hiking boots:

Check out our How to Wear Vegan feature for more information.

Sleep Under the Stars

Whether you’re unrolling your sleeping bag near the campfire or pitching a tent, there is no reason to pluck a goose to get a good night’s sleep. Stay snuggly warm with down-free clothing, blankets, and sleeping bags from the following companies:

Lather on the Lotion

If the sun is burning and the bugs are biting, protect your skin with one of our top 5 animal-friendly sunscreens, and try a natural insect repellent.

Fix Vegan Snacks

Need we say “s’more” about our favorite camping staple? Here’s our famous recipe for some seriously gooey goodness (scary campfire story not included)!

Thrill on the Grill

After answering the call of the wild all day, it’s time to chill and put some mock meat on the grill! Lots of yummy meatless options can be found at your local grocery or health food store.

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Want something more skewered? Then take a stab at these tasty Tandoori ‘chicken’ kebabs!

Be a Good Guest

You’re just visiting, but animals live there. For tips on respectful camping, we recommend the following Web sites:

Happy Camping!

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