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Attention all fellow ‘crazy cat’ ladies and dudes: This is not a drill.

A new product is taking the Internet by storm: The LICKI Brush.

The idea: Groom your cat the same way cats groom themselves and other cats. Some experts believe that cats may think of their human guardians as giant cats. This brush, via extension, would help foster closeness across species lines by tapping into your feline companions’ fondest memories of being groomed by their mother when they were kittens.

LICKI’s inventors say: “We are seriously always thinking of ways to improve the quality of cat lives. The creation of LICKI was an act of love, as we strived to provide a more fulfilling environment for our own cats. When we started seeing the immediate benefits of mutual grooming, we knew we couldn’t keep LICKI to ourselves.”

OK, I’ll admit it: I keep fluctuating between being intrigued and slightly unsettled. But, throwing it out there, if I just happened to wind up with a LICKI brush in a white-elephant gift exchange or on an upcoming birthday… ahem (Mom, I know you’re reading this) … part of me would be excited as hell to try it out on my boys (they’re cats, of course).

CLEARLY, they’re into the whole tongue thing.

Receiving cat headbutts is a highlight in every one of my days, as both my furry guys are “close talkers.” This brush, as much as I may feel strange admitting it, seems like something they would enjoy, as it would combine two of their favorite things: being everywhere that I am and rubbing their faces on things.

Henley and Walsh, Indoor Cats

But until the LICKI is officially on the market, be sure to check out 13 Cat Gadgets for Every Budget.

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