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Tired of seeing your Facebook friends share that ridiculous privacy disclaimer yet again? Not in the mood for BuzzFeed to tell you which type of 18th century hat you would be? Well, we have three words for you:

Dogs. In. Leaves.

That’s all you’ll find here. And—trust me on this—I think you’ll find that that’s all you’ll need today.

Start by watching these three video clips. Queen out over the cuteness:

A video posted by Red and Duncan (@redandduncan) on

A video posted by Ashley H. (@aehenley) on

Leave the videos playing and close your eyes. It sounds like the ocean, right? An ocean full of leaves and happy puppies. The best ocean ever.

Zone out and listen to the soothing sounds of pure joy for as long as you can before your boss notices. Open your eyes again, knowing that when you do, the dogs will still be there, frolicking.

Shhhh. All is right with the world. We’ve got you.

OK, you’re ready for the rest of the list. Breathe in and out to the gentle sound of the leafy puppy ocean. Scroll down, and let go of all the residual tension that you still carry from when people thought the dress was white and gold. Just continue gazing at these adorable dogs enjoying fall.

A photo posted by Jett the Dood (@doodlejett) on

Oh no, it’s already too much to handle.

A photo posted by Rui (@life.of.rui) on


Fall is actually exploding out of this dog’s mouth.

This dog literally can’t even.

How can I get myself invited to this party?

A photo posted by Zoey & Ruger (@yooperpaws) on

“Take my hand, I’ll show you the way.”

A photo posted by Katie Toupal (@radiokatie1) on

“Hi. Hi. Can I play now?”

A photo posted by Lizzie (@busybeinglizzie) on

“So excited. Can’t move. WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE?! OMGOMGOMG.”

Yorkie in Leaves


Drooling because there’s too much fun to be had.

And here’s one last video to get you through the rest of your day:

That’s right. We pulled a Vanessa Williams and “saved the best for last.”

Feel better now? Share the puppy love.

Ready to fall in love with a rescued dog? Be sure to adopt your new companion from a reputable open-admission shelter (never support breeders or the pet industry), and you’ll find a best friend for all seasons.

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