Published by Danny Prater.

Taco Bell has long been the secret weapon of the vegan on the go. And with new updates to its menu and website, it may have just become the best friend of plant-based diners in a rush.

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In a news release, the chain has announced that it will begin featuring a 13-item vegetarian menu (easily customizable to include plenty of vegan selections) that has been certified meat-free by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

In a statement, Brian Niccol, CEO of Taco Bell Corp., said “[T]his [is] the perfect time to move our vegetarian menu from the background to the forefront to further illustrate our commitment to delivering food that fits our customers’ evolving lifestyles.”

Customers will also find the process of customizing their order easier than ever on the revamped Taco Bell website. (Cleverly, the URL will take you there.) There are 35 ingredients that bear the AVA vegetarian certification, and 26 of those options are vegan. The chain boasts literally (and yes, we literally mean literally) millions of veg-friendly possibilities for compassionate diners. Check out the process of order customization for yourself now.

PROTIP: “Make it Fresco” is the secret password for unlocking the true vegan potential of Taco Bell’s menu. It instantly cuts the cheese and sour cream and substitutes pico de gallo in their place. Sub beans for meat, and by Jove, you’ve got it.

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PETA promotes a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. If you’re in a pinch and choose to eat fast food, we suggest selecting from these plant-based options. And always remember: The way you spend your money is a powerful tool to drive change to help animals. Let restaurants and retailers know that there’s a demand for vegan menu items!

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