Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Dogs and cats must be registered or microchipped, and the registration fee for unaltered animals is 20 times as much as for altered animals.
  • Any person who allows an animal to have a litter must obtain a minor breeder’s permit. If the animal is subsequently spayed or neutered after the litter, the cost is $10. If the person refuses to have the animal altered or to relinquish the animal, the fee is $100.

(A) Any person owning, keeping, harboring or having custody of any dog or cat over the age of five months must obtain a pet registration for such animal; provided, however, that no pet registration shall be required of any animal welfare organization, municipal animal control facility or governmental agency, or guide dog. Animals belonging to those agencies or persons will be issued complimentary registration tags.

(B) A durable tag stamped with registration number and year of issuance will be provided to pet registration holders for each registration granted. Dogs and cats must wear their tags at all times on their collars, except when involved in any organized show, obedience demonstration, training situation or under the care of a licensed veterinarian.

(C) Any person owning an altered dog or cat may, as an alternative to an annual pet registration, obtain a microchip implant for the dog or cat for lifetime pet registration. This special permanent registration would be for the lifetime of the dog or cat for which they are the registered owner. Such residents shall not be required to annually purchase a new pet registration for the lifetime of such registered animals.

(1) Each lifetime registration will receive a durable stainless steel tag with a registration number for each registration granted. Dogs and cats must wear their tags at all times on their collars. Replacement tags are the responsibility of the owner at such time the tag becomes unreadable, owner must come into the shelter for a replacement.

(D) Any person owning any dog or cat which has been implanted with a microchip shall transfer the microchip documentation with the Department of Animal Control and national registry upon sale, trade, barter, gift or transfer of an animal. Any animal received by Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control with an untraceable tag or microchip due to an owners failure to keep contact information current for tracing with Animal Control, a national registry, or the veterinarian will be held three business days prior to disposition.

(E) Lifetime pet registrations are non-transferable

§ 91.052 FEES
In addition to all other fees required by law to be paid, the following fees shall be paid:

(A) Pet Registration.

(1) For the year 2003, and each year hereinafter, which shall commence on January 1 and end December 31:

Annual – Each altered dog or cat
Age 5 months or older $5.00
Annual – Each unaltered dog or cat
Age 5 months or older $100.00
Lifetime registration
Altered dog or cat
Age 5 months or older $30.00
Replacement Tags $5.00

(2) Upon a written statement from a licensed veterinarian setting forth that the neutering of the animal shall constitute a threat to the health of that animal, the payment of the permit fee for unaltered animal shall not be required but the animal shall be classified as an altered animal for purposes of permit registration and fees. Registration at the altered tag price under this section will constitute agreement not to breed the animal. Doing so will result in fines. …

(E) Minor Breeder’s Permit.

(1) Any owner or person having custody of a dog or cat which has been neutered within ten weeks after giving birth to a litter or who turns the adult dog or cat over to the Department of Animal Control within ten weeks from the birth date of the litter, will be required to purchase a Minor Breeder Permit at the rate of $10.

(2) Any owner or person having custody of a dog or cat that has delivered a litter, who chooses not to relinquish the animal to the Department of Animal Control and also chooses not to have the animal neutered, will be required to purchase a Minor Breeder Permit at the rate of $100.

Plus any applicable kennel/cattery permit fee.

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