PETA Names the Top Vegan Dogs of Summer 2023—Which Will You Try?

We’re kicking off summer by showcasing 10 delicious vegan hot dogs and sausages from restaurants and food trucks across the U.S. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that a whopping 150 million hot dogs are consumed on the Fourth of July alone. This summer, make the compassionate choice to try one of these vegan dogs instead. Pigs and cows are gentle, playful individuals who don’t want to die for your meal. These vegan dogs are tastier, better for your health, and, best of all, better for animals.

Here are this year’s winners, in no particular order:

The Frankenstand


Los Angeles, California

There’s nothing scary about the food at this haunted hot dog stand—because it’s all vegan. We love its horror-themed creations, including the Scarecrow, a classic frank dressed with esquites, vegan Cotija cheese, green onions, egg-free Sriracha mayo, and a lime wedge. You can keep up with The Frankenstand’s whereabouts and changing menu items by following it on Instagram.

two vegan hot dogs topped with esquites, vegan feta, cilantro, and a sauce

Sporty Dog Creations

Vegan Buffalo Blu

Baltimore, Maryland

This hot dog restaurant is not fully vegan, but it has some stellar animal-friendly options. Our pick is the Vegan Buffalo Blu, topped with Buffalo jackfruit, caramelized onions, and vegan blue cheese drizzle. If you want to try more selections, these are vegan if you order the vegan dog specifically: the Baltimore Black Sox Dog, the Pineapple Express Dog, the Jerk Mac and Cheese Dog (ask for the vegan mac and cheese), and the Voyager.

vegan sausage in a bun topped with buffalo jackfruit and onions

Pingala Cafe

Bahn Me Dawg

Burlington, Vermont

Pingala Cafe is a fully vegan restaurant that’s serving up food truck–inspired cuisine, and many of its menu items were inspired by dishes from various cultures. One example is the Bahn Me Dawg. It’s a hickory-smoked carrot that’s marinated and oven-roasted, then served in a locally baked hoagie roll with crispy skin tofu, ginger pickled veggies, cilantro, smoked chili aioli, Korean BBQ sauce, and toasted coconut crunch.

Vegan carrot dog in a bun topped with veggies, cilantro, and sauce served with chips

Kale My Name

Big Daddy Special

Chicago, Illinois

Kale My Name is an outstanding vegan restaurant with an eclectic menu full of delicious dishes. One of our faves is the Big Daddy Special, which features not one but two Beyond sausages in a bun topped with grilled onions, relish, and mustard with side of fries. It’s a dish for those with big appetites, and it won’t disappoint.

vegan dog topped with onions and mustard in front of a basket of french fries

Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck

Rad Dawg

Portland, Maine

For a German-style dog, head to Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck and try the Rad Dawg. It’s a charbroiled, pig-friendly frank topped with tangy sauerkraut and a house Bavarian mustard on a grilled sub roll. Check the truck’s Instagram page for its schedule and location.

vegan hot dog topped with sauerkraut and grainy mustard

The Wienery

Vegan Italian Warsaw

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Minneapolis diner isn’t fully vegan, but it’s prepping some authentic Chicago-style vegan dogs. Pick a style and choose from three kinds of animal-friendly dogs: the brat, Italian, or classic tofu dog. We recommend the Vegan Italian Warsaw, which is topped with Düsseldorf mustard and sauerkraut.

vegan sausage in a bun topped with peppers and onions


Coney Dog

Lansing, Michigan

VEG-N is a vegan restaurant, so you can’t go wrong ordering anything on the menu, but we suggest trying the Coney Dog. This chili cheese dog features house-made Detroit-style chili and is topped with onions, cheddar, and mustard. For the dog itself, you can choose from a LightLife hot dog or a house-made carrot dog.

vegan hot dog topped with chili and mustard


Chicago Hot

Sarasota, Florida

At Doggystyle, you can try several vegan options, including the Chicago Hot, which features a Field Roast dog topped with hot pepper relish, yellow mustard, red onion, diced pickle, diced tomato, a sport pepper, and celery salt.

Chicago hot styled hot dog from doggy style

Chilly Dawgz

Vegan Chilly Cheez Dawg

Thomasville/Harrisburg/York, Pennsylvania

Head to Chilly Dawgz to try the Vegan Chilly Cheez Dawg. It’s an animal-free frank on a vegan soft roll topped with house-made vegan chili and dairy-free cheese shreds. Other menu options include the Vegan Dawggie and the Vegan Chicago Dawggie.

vegan chili dog topped with onions and cheese

Wiener Kitchen


Overland Park/Kansas City, Kansas

For a dog like no other, try Wiener Kitchen’s Vegan dog. It features a walnut and wild rice link topped with roasted cauliflower, green tomato relish, pickled Brussels kraut, and whole-grain Dijon mustard. You won’t want to miss this unique creation.

vegan hot dog from wiener kitchen

Not near any of these establishments? Don’t worry—there are so many delicious vegan hot dog and sausage brands on grocery store shelves that you’ll be sure to find ones you love. Grill them up with friends this summer, and keep the compassion going year-round by going vegan:

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