Cruelty Isn’t Cozy: Crystal Hefner Joins PETA to Expose Cashmere’s Bloody Truth

Former Playboy model and author Crystal Hefner joins PETA to reveal the true cost of cashmere for goats who suffer in the name of fashion.

Photo: © Jen Rosenstein
Two Funny and Fierce Women Have a New Podcast Show You Need to Listen To

PETA’s Just So You Know podcast exposes the pointless cruelty of the world’s most pointless race.

‘Just So You Know’ … You Won’t Want to Miss This New Podcast’s First Episode

Each week on this exciting new podcast from PETA, Jamie and Justina, two funny, fierce, and almost scarily honest humans—dive deep into hot topics about animals.

Every Animal Is Someone. Who Will You Choose to Be?

We may never see eye to eye with everyone, but we’re all animals and each of us deserves compassion. Every animal is someone.

Which Star Is Showing Kids That They Don’t Need Capes to Be Heroes for Animals?

Actor Cooper Barnes teamed up with PETA Kids to teach children ways to be superheroes for animals.

Photo: © Piper Ferguson
New Series ‘The Failed Experiment’ Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Medicine 

If you watch only one documentary this year, make sure it’s “The Failed Experiment.” This riveting series will have you questioning everything you’ve been told about medical research. 

Cruelty-Free Queens: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Alums Speak Out for Animals in Bold PETA Ad

Mirror, mirror on the wall, cruelty-free beauty conquers all! Two “RuPaul’s Drag Race” icons joined PETA to celebrate beauty and reject cruelty.

Photo: © Magnus Hastings
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Alum Kim Chi Serves Ethical Beauty Realness in Glam PETA Ads

It’s giving ethical beauty realness! This “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum joined PETA for a fierce new ad campaign.

Photo: © Magnus Hastings
Animal Companions
Sam Asghari Teams Up With PETA to Tackle Homeless-Animal Crisis: Adopt—Don’t Buy!

Sam Asghari shares the single most important thing you can do to help end the companion animal overpopulation crisis.

Photo: © Charlie Nunn
Vivisection-Industrial Complex: The Animal-Killing Syndicate You Pay For

Business Is Booming for One of the World’s Largest Killing Machines This Is the System Fueling Bad Science—Do You Know Any of the Companies Listed? How You Can Throw a Wrench Into the Well-Oiled Machine Fueling Bad Science Who’s Keeping Experiments on Animals Afloat? Meet the Tycoons of Torture Who’s Keeping Experiments on Animals Going? … Read more »

What Corky the Orca Has Endured Versus How Her Life Could’ve Been

Comparing the exploited life of Corky the orca with what it could’ve been offers a compassionate perspective. Let PETA inspire you to help her.

Helen and 10 Others PETA Rescued in 2023: Where Are They Now?

What better way to ring in the new year than with a trip down memory lane? See a few of the animals rescued by PETA in 2023 who will celebrate the season in perfect, permanent homes.

Bill Maher Welcomes Incoming NIH Director With a New Rule

Comedian Bill Maher partners with PETA to expose the National Institutes of Health’s annual $19 billion failure.

‘Yule’ Be Amazed by PETA’s Picks for the Top Vegan Holiday Cookies of 2023

We’re unwrapping the secrets behind the best vegan holiday cookies of the year, from traditional favorites to novel flavors that will tantalize your tastebuds.

How Much Will Your Black Friday Haul Cost? Animals Say, ‘Too Much’

No Black Friday deal is worth the suffering of sentient animals. This holiday, make sure your purchases don’t support cruelty.

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