National Donut Day Tastes a Little Sweeter, Thanks to These Vegan Eateries

To sprinkle National Donut Day (June 7) with vegan flavor, PETA has concocted a list of the top eateries from across the U.S. that are dishing up the most delectable donuts without relying on eggs stolen from intelligent, playful chickens or dairy taken from loving mother cows and their babies. From yeasted to cake donuts and beyond, there’s something to satisfy everyone—all compassionately made with animal-free ingredients—at each of these eateries.

Every aglazeing bakery on this list proves that melt-in-your-mouth vegan donuts are jelly good to hens and cows as well as humans’ taste buds.

Bitchin’ Donuts (Albany, New York)

Lark Street’s own Bitchin’ Donuts nabbed a spot on our super-sweet list for offering donuts in classic flavors like Boston Creme and fun seasonal ones like Cookie Monster, Samoa, and Purple Haze (a flavor fusion of matcha and ube).

Bitchin' Donuts Maple Glazed vegan donuts

Cake Thieves Bakery & Eatery (San Antonio, Texas)

You can find all types of sweet treats at Cake Thieves Bakery & Eatery. The donuts here are to die for—but no animals died in order to make them. You can find both donuts and cronuts (a cross between a donut and a croissant) in flavors like Fruity Pebble, Horchata, and Lavender Lime.

a variety of vegan donuts from Cake Theives

Level 5 Donuts (Madison, Wisconsin)

The Boston Dream donut from Level 5 Donuts is stunning, with the perfect amount of vegan pastry cream and rich chocolate glaze. Try it along with some of this shop’s other tasty flavors, such as Cherry Almond, Chai, and Churro.

hand holding a vegan Boston Dream donut from Level 5 Donuts

Little Vessels Donut Co. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

This small-batch bakery sells showstopping vegan yeasted donuts. Show up early at Little Vessels Donut Co. to snag some of its creative varieties, including donuts inspired by Hawaiian flavors like Lemon Black Sesame, Orange Kiwi Starfruit, and Pitaya Lime.

hand holding a Lemon Black Sesame donut from Little Vessels Donut Co.

Veg.Edible (Omaha, Nebraska)

A meal at Omaha’s Veg.Edible isn’t complete without sampling one of its sweet treats. We highly recommend the rich gluten-free cake donuts, which are available in flavors such as Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles, Cinnamon Sugar, and Vanilla Glazed with Sprinkles.

three types of vegan donut from Veg.Edible

Yellow Rose Vegan Bakery & Cafe (Maplewood, New Jersey)

This eatery features a menu that changes daily, with a rotating selection of longtime favorites—including the bakery’s “Krispy Kreme”–style glazed donuts and Crème Brûlée donuts—as well as fun seasonal flavors such as Lemon Lavender and Strawberry Shortcake.

Yellow Rose Bakery's Creme Brulee vegan donut

If you don’t live near any of these eateries, donut worry. There are many others across the U.S. serving animal-friendly sweets. Our list can help you find one.

Cows, chickens, and all other animals are intelligent, emotionally complex individuals, just like us.

Cows are gentle giants who mourn the deaths of their loved ones, sometimes shedding tears over their loss. Imagine a mother’s grief when farmers take her babies.

Chickens love their families. They would rather form their own social structures than be crammed together with hundreds of other suffering birds.

Their lives are important to them. We owe it to our fellow sentient beings to end speciesism and give them respect and dignity. Please, go vegan today and help save their lives:

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