Nick Bateman Joins PETA to Help Dogs Forced to Live Outdoors (VIDEO)

What started as a ride-along turned into an unexpected rescue mission when actor and influencer Nick Bateman spent the day with PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP) team.

The outdoor temperature was a frigid 35 degrees. One dog’s “water bowl” was frozen solid. Another’s collar was so tight that it left marks on her neck. But thanks to the dedicated work of CAP and their compassionate celebrity volunteer, these dogs and several others received food, water, upgraded doghouses, and lots of love.

“What I found shocking is people don’t realize that what they’re doing to the dogs is wrong. They just think it’s normal to just tie their dog up outside,” Nick says in the PETA campaign video. The Canadian actor and model, who boasts an impressive 6.5 million followers on Instagram, put his strapping 6-foot, 4-inch frame to work by helping repair doghouses and bring hay to chilly dogs in need in rural North Carolina.

In a dramatic moment captured on camera, Nick and the PETA team rescued a dog found running loose on the road. The team was able to reunite him with his grateful guardian several days later.

This video provides just a glimpse of the horrendous conditions that many dogs are forced to endure in rural backyards across Virginia and North Carolina. “I’m happy I was able to come out today and experience this and do my part and help out. These guys do this every day, so the hats off to them ’cause they’re the real heroes,” says Nick. CAP regularly travels to the most underserved neighborhoods around PETA’s Norfolk office and delivers food, doghouses, and bedding to neglected dogs who have likely never known a kind word or touch.

“It’s important to never be silent,” Nick says, “and always speak up for animals. If you guys see something, report it.”

On the side of every PETA-donated doghouse is written, “FOOD. WATER. PLAY. EVERY SINGLE DAY,” as a reminder to guardians to take care of their animal companions. At the end of the video, Nick also reminds viewers about the importance of adoption and spaying or neutering animal companions to help prevent overpopulation, which contributes to the deaths of millions of animals in the U.S. every year.

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