These 10 Eateries Are Spicing Things Up With Tasty Vegan Chili

There’s nothing comforting about a bowl of chili made from the flesh of cows—gentle, intelligent animals who form close bonds with one another and their calves. That’s why PETA is celebrating restaurants that serve some of the best vegan chili in the country. Vegan versions of this classic can include tasty ingredients such as beans, vegan ground beef, veggies, and savory spices. The following eateries have their own unique recipes, so if you’re near any of them, be sure to show them some love.

1. Vegan Chili from Ben’s Chili Bowl (Washington, D.C.)

The secret ingredient that goes into every bowl of this vegan chili? Love, of course! Plus, a hearty helping of vegetable protein, green bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans.

ben's chili bowl vegan chili

2. Vegan Chili Queso Cheese Fries from The Social Vegan (Lexington, Kentucky)

You can feel good about eating these loaded fries, which are topped with seasoned vegan meat and dairy-free cheese. Choosing vegan chili helps spare cows pain and suffering.

vegan chili cheese fries from the social vegan

3. Hearty Chili from The Lunch Room Bakery & Cafe/Detroit Street Filling Station (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Healthy, hearty, and delicious—this vegan chili is full of sweet potatoes, black beans, kidney beans, tomatillos, butternut squash, and seasonings. It’s also allergy-friendly since it’s nut-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

hearty chili from the lunch room

4. Chili Bowl from FIREFLY (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Bring your friends to FIREFLY for some fun and fantastic vegan eats. This spot has a dedicated vegan menu with tasty chili that you can order as a cup or a bowl—or get it served on top of tater tots with a house-made cashew cheese sauce.

chili bowl from firefly

5. Black Bean Chili from The Grit (Athens, Georgia)

Savor a bowl of this black bean chili, made with bulgur wheat, green bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, and zesty spices topped with diced red onion. Just be sure to ask for it without sour cream, which is made from cow’s milk that’s meant for baby cows.

black bean chili from the grit

6. Vegan Chili Bowl from House of Leaf & Bean (Jacksonville, Florida)

This spicy chili is full of beans, veggies, and handmade tofu and served over rice. Then it’s drizzled with a creamy vegan sauce to balance out the spicy flavors.

vegan chili bowl house of leaf and bean

7. Charlie Bae Bowl from Plant Bae (Montgomery, Alabama)

Montgomery’s all-vegan restaurant offers the Charlie Bae Bowl: sautéed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and black bean chili served over cilantro rice with fresh microgreens and a drizzle of vegan ranch.

charlie bae bowl from plant bae

8. Chili from Dirt Burger (Des Moines, Iowa)

This spicy red chili is served with green onions and a cooling cilantro crema sauce. You can also order it served over fries and topped with melted vegan cheese and pickled jalapeños.

chili from dirt burger

9. Chili from Arles & Boggs Vegan Eatery (Wallingford, Connecticut)

Arles & Boggs Vegan Eatery serves a three-bean chipotle chili topped with a vegan garlic sour cream, pico de gallo, lime, and tortilla chips.

chili from arles & boggs

10. Vegan 5 Bean Chili from Webster’s Bookstore Café (State College, Pennsylvania)

Find your favorite book and enjoy some vegan chili at Webster’s Bookstore Café. The chili can be ordered on its own or in the 100 Years of Solitude burrito, which is filled with roasted potatoes, tofu scramble, and vegan cheese.

webster's bookstore cafe vegan 5 bean chili


If you aren’t near any of these eateries, don’t worry—vegan chili is inexpensive and easy to make. You can also find canned vegan chili in your local grocery store from brands like Amy’s or Gardein.

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