Rats, Rejoice! Will the U.S. Take a Hint From Down Under?

Thanks to PETA Australia, new requirements from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council could make that country the first to end a cruel test on animals.

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We Did It! Macquarie University Drops Scientifically Bogus Forced Swim Test

After a push from PETA, the university joins the growing list of schools and pharmaceutical companies that have sworn off the worthless forced swim test, in which small animals are made to swim for their lives.

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PETA Australia Video: A Million Reasons to Throw Live Export Overboard

This investigator still sees cows’ faces in every leather boot, bag, and jacket. Watch PETA Australia’s new video exposing the live-export industry and take action today.

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This Industry Is Trying to Pull the Wool Over Consumers’ Eyes—See for Yourself

How much do you know about the lives—and the deaths—of sheep used for clothing? PETA Australia’s new site sets the record straight.

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Victory! University of South Australia Bans Near-Drowning Test

The school joins a growing number of companies and universities that have banned this junk-science experiment, in which small animals must swim for their lives, after hearing from PETA and PETA Australia.

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PETA CAP worker with Midnight, a black dog

Share Compassion With a PETA Present

With a PETA Present, you can send a beautiful e-card and help animals.

PETA Australia’s Legal Battle in Tasmania May Have International Impact on Racehorses

See how PETA Australia lawyers are helping horses on a small island and how it may lead to earth-shattering effects around the world.

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Victory! New Zealand Throws Live Export Overboard

New Zealand has made the compassionate move to ban the live export of millions of animals, a journey that is fraught with illness and death. Now, all eyes are on Australia to follow suit.

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Victory for Mice! The University of Adelaide Ends Forced Swim Test

The University of Adelaide declared that it would stop subjecting mice and other animals to the cruel forced swim test after hearing from PETA and Humane Research Australia.

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A Puzzling Gift for Australia’s Prime Minister

After Prime Minister Scott Morrison called puzzles “essential,” PETA Australia sent him a customized jigsaw puzzle to piece together the best way to avoid future animal-borne illnesses.

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PETA Australia To Hand Out Free Toilet Paper in Sydney—Find Out Why

As people continue to panic-buy toilet paper amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak, PETA Australia is preparing to come to the rescue by handing out free toilet paper printed with an important message.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

The Real Reason Three Baboons Escaped From This Hospital

They may have spent their whole lives in confinement, but these monkeys obviously still yearn for freedom.

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Massive Travel Company Stops Sending Tourists to Cruel Running of the Bulls

Many of the tourists who go to Pamplona to run with the bulls have no idea what happens to the animals afterwards.

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Mass Greyhound Grave Uncovered in Australia

RSPCA inspectors in New South Wales have uncovered the bodies of nine dead greyhounds buried on the property of registered racing trainer in Western Sydney.

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Live Exporter Suspended After Cruelty Exposed

Australia’s biggest sheep exporter is currently banned from loading any sheep on to ships.

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10 Reasons Why Cow’s Milk is Bad for You

Animal milk has long been claimed as the go-to source of calcium by the dairy industry, but as it turns out, milk is bad for you.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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