Honor All Mothers This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, show your mom—and all moms—some love.

We Asked ChatGPT to Tell Us Why Humans Shouldn’t Eat Cheese—Here’s What It Said

We asked ChatGPT to give us five reasons why humans should stop eating cheese—and it made a strong case for ditching dairy.

We May Save the Earth but Not in Leather Shoes

We know the Earth is in trouble. But there’s one often overlooked, simple action that will make a difference: Ditch leather.

Growing Up on a Sheep Farm Made This PETA Staffer Go Wool-Free

The friendships Sara Britt made with sheep on a New South Wales farm came at a cost: seeing firsthand how the wool industry betrays these gentle animals.

Why I’m Urging Anthropologie to Ditch Alpaca

Alpaca production is not just cruel to animals; it also has a surprisingly large environmental footprint.

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Which Foods Could Best Fend Off COVID-19?

COVID-19 cases are rising in many parts of the U.S., but let’s not despair. We can still take steps to help stave off the virus and other health problems.

Why Animal Rights Activists Must Stand Up for Black Lives

We in the animal rights movement know all too well how frustrating it is for people to scoff at our message, even with blatant evidence of injustice.

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Live-Animal Donations Are Not Charitable Holiday Gifts—Boycott Heifer International

Sending farmed animals to families in impoverished countries can exacerbate financial and environmental strain while also causing significant animal suffering.

Why I’m Vegan on Eid and Every Other Day

Actor Sadaa Sayed on being a proud vegan Muslim, observing Eid in ways that do not involve animal sacrifice, and how animals are respected in Islam.

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No American Belongs on a Barbecue

The victims aren’t humans, but they are Americans, born in this country, mostly on factory farms. Like you and me, they feel pain, grief, joy, and love.

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PETA to Cruelty Apologists: Your Defense of Experiments on Cats Is Pathetic

Experimenters hate it when anyone questions their use of animals in laboratories—no matter how pointless or painful it is. Too bad.

Why We Should Forgo Fish for Lent

God loves every animal the same — regardless of what role humans have arbitrarily assigned to a species.

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Animal Companions
Here’s Why Selling Betta Fish as Décor Is Just Plain Morally Bankrupt

“What a Fish Knows” author Jonathan Balcombe throws cold water on some of the speciesist myths about our aquatic cousins.

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Save the Fish: Swimming Creatures Deserve Our Sympathy and Protection

National Fish Amnesty Day is the ideal time to start, so let’s show compassion for fish and all other animals by refusing to catch or eat them.

The New York Times Column: ‘Are We Loving Shelter Dogs to Death?’

Take a look at how “no-kill” policies endanger animals and fail to address the root causes of the homeless-animal crisis.

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