PETA Wants the Lone Star Tick to Have a Place of Honor in Texas—Here’s What We Asked Gov. Abbott

One bite from the lone star tick can move meaty mouths toward vibrant vegan vittles. PETA urged Gov. Greg Abbott to latch on and celebrate this minuscule mite.

What an Avocado-Loving Rat Taught Me About Humane Rodent Control

Meet Ratty, the avocado-loving rodent who nibbled his way into my life and taught me an important lesson about using humane traps.

What Should You Do if Mice Have Found Their Way Into Your Home?

If mice or rats have decided to party at your pad, you can encourage them to pack their things and go with these simple and kind tips.

Rocket Raccoon Is a ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’—Learn How YOU Can Be a Guardian of Raccoons

Raccoons face many dangers in the urban jungle. Learn how you can be a real-life guardian of these smart, curious animals.

Creepy, Crawly, and Cruel: Japanese Experimenters Are Making Cyborg Cockroaches

A new video shows experimenters in Japan attempting to create cyborg cockroaches. These experiments teach the harmful lesson that certain animals don’t deserve compassion.

A Neighbor, Not a Nuisance: Getting the Facts on Opossums

Did you know opossums almost never carry rabies? Learn why, along with other facts about America’s most populous marsupial.

Order the ‘Lone Star Tick Cookbook’ Today: Vegan ‘Bites’ That Don’t ‘Suck’ for Animals

The lone star tick’s bite transmits a molecule that can cause an allergic reaction to meat and dairy in humans—but whether you’ve been bitten or you’re just looking to ditch meat, PETA’s “Lone Star Tick Cookbook” is for you.

PETA Awards California Couple Who Caught a Killer on Camera

When a California man shot a trapped coyote in the face more than a dozen times, one couple caught it all on camera. Thanks to their quick action, the killer was convicted of cruelty to animals.

Video: ‘Possum Drop’ Opossum Injured in Capture, Has Leg Amputated

An opossum trapped for a North Carolina town’s “Possum Drop” event had to have her badly injured leg removed and will never be free again.

VIDEO: Ants Trapped in Acrylic Nails Run Frantically, Seem Desperate for Freedom

In the caption, the nail salon claims, “[N]o animals were harmed during the making of this video.” Here’s why that is so wrong.

If You Were Rooting for MPR Raccoon, Here’s Something You Need to Read

When people come together to cheer for one animal, we have to wonder: What about the others?

Teacher Reportedly Drowns Animals; PETA Urges No More FFA Cruelty

A concerned parent told WKMG that when the animals struggled for air, they were held down with rods and hoses were used to spray water in their faces.

Rejoice at This Happy Ending After Jerks Leave Lizards to Die on Glue Trap

“It takes a real garbage person to do this to an animal.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The Dodo | Facebook
5 Times Animal Superheroes Rushed In and Saved Human Lives

From the lions who saved a girl from kidnappers to the porpoises who rescued a beloved actor, these animals displayed their courage and compassion.

Humane Home
Women Cry Tears of Joy After Freeing Mouse from Glue Trap (VIDEO)

Do you know what to do if you find an animal stuck in a glue trap? Your actions could mean the difference between an animal’s life and death.

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