Provocative Ad Puts Father’s Day Activities on Blast: ‘Does Your Daddy Kill Animals?’

Fishing and hunting destroy other animals’ families. PETA’s ad blitz urges your family to choose kind activities this Father’s Day.

Since Red Lobster’s Super-Pinched, Why Not Give Vegan Seafood a Shot?

Red Lobster sank and went bankrupt, but the pinched chain has a chance to restructure in a far kinder way. PETA reveals how.

Why Should Kids Care About Fish? Help Them Dive Into Kindness

How can kids help fish this World Ocean Day? With PETA Kids’ free comic. Download it today!

World’s First Caviar Farm Exposé Reveals Workers Stabbing Fish, Beating Them to Death With Metal Clubs

The TRUE cost of caviar? Extreme suffering. Find out what the world’s first caviar farm investigation revealed, and help PETA spare fish this horrific cruelty.

What’s a Mullet Toss? Five Things to Throw Instead of Fish

Participants in the Flora-Bama Mullet Toss keep hurling fish corpses. Learn how PETA threw a kind “cure” their way to make the event all-inclusive.

Oh, No! Eating Lobsters Can KILL Right Whales: Catch New PETA Ad

PETA urges anyone tempted to eat a lobster to consider the high cost of putting any marine animal on their plate.

Woven With Compassion: PETA’s Fish Empathy Quilt Makes an Ocean-Size Impact

It’s up to us to turn the tide against the cruel, destructive fishing industry. Here’s how PETA’s Fish Empathy Quilt is getting people to rethink our relationship with fish.

Sink Any Appetite for Fish Through Empathy—Replace Statues of Humans Fishing

SHELLebrate fish and other sea life by cultivating empathy and never eating them. Also, find out PETA’s FINtastic idea to replace a California Fisherman statue.

The Perilous Ripple Effects That Lead Ammo Has on Animals, Humans, and the Planet

While all hunting causes harm, PETA targets the widespread dangers of poisonous lead ammunition to wildlife, humans, and the environment.

Passionate About the Planet? Then Don’t Miss This New PETA Ad for Earth Day

A fan of Earth Day but stuck on how to contribute? PETA’s witty ad ending with “or put a cork in it” will have you laughing and learning how to help the planet.

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Will This Video on Crustaceans Make You Go Vegan? PETA Dares You to Watch

Crustaceans form friendships and nurture their families. But the way humans treat these sensitive individuals will pinch at your heartstrings—and make you switch to delicious vegan lobster rolls and crab cakes instead.

Singer Alissa White-Gluz Transformed Into What for This PETA Ad?

Animal advocate Alissa White-Gluz is the lead vocalist in the melodic death metal band Arch Enemy and a dedicated vegan.

Photo: © Shayan Asgharnia
Dugongs Declared Functionally Extinct in China, Partially Due to ‘Ghost Gear’

Don’t like being “ghosted”? Neither did China’s now functionally extinct dugongs. Read how one of the causes was discarded fishing equipment called “ghost gear.”

Animal Companions
5 Shocking PETA Investigations That Sparked Major Action for Animals in 2022

See some of the shocking findings that PETA’s investigations uncovered—and how our work helped animals in 2022.

Why the World’s First Octopus Farm Must Not Open

Octopuses are not currently “farmed” animals, but there are plans for an octopus farm to open in Spain in 2023. Take action to help PETA stop this atrocity.

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