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PETA’s Ultimate Guide to Eating Vegan This Earth Day

Eating vegan—even for just a single day—is an effective way to help the planet. Here are PETA’s tips and resources to help you go vegan on Earth Day and beyond.

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Earth to Foodies: Here’s Where You Should Dine on Earth Day

Check out these restaurants and companies that are helping PETA for “Go Vegan for the Earth” Day this year!

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Here’s How ‘I Am Greta’ Is a Call to Save Our Planet AND Animals

Greta Thunberg—climate activist, devoted vegan, and agitator to science deniers everywhere—is now the star of her own riveting documentary.

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We Don’t Need a DeLorean to Fight Climate Change—We Need Vegans

When it comes to solving climate change, there’s no time machine to go back and fix the damage humans have done—unless the world goes vegan.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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10 Facts Reveal How North Carolina’s Meat Industry Kills People of Color


Unregulated dumping of waste, expansion of chicken farms—North Carolina’s meat industry is a major part of the state’s environmental racism problem.

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Will the Entire Amazon Rainforest Be Destroyed Because of Meat?

The Amazon rainforest is shrinking every year because companies like JBS S.A.—which has been linked to illegal deforestation of the Amazon—want more space to raise and kill cows.

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Animals Towering Over McDonald’s Exclaim, ‘Eating Us Got You Into This Mess’

Upset over rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and mandatory masks? With a towering billboard, PETA reminds people that eating animals got us into this mess.

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Canada Runs Toward a Vegan Future With This $100 Million Investment

While it’s no shocker that a country with vegetation on its flag would support living vegan, it’s nice to see Canada investing in a meat-free future.

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Your ‘Humane Meat’ Is From a Factory Farm—and It’s Killing Us

If you think you’re eating “humane meat,” think again. Your meat is almost certainly from a factory farm, and it’s risking another deadly pandemic.

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PETA Offers to Retrain Slaughterhouse Workers to Produce Vegan Meats

COVID-19 and other deadly diseases have a major impact on the pig- and bird-flesh supply. What better time to overhaul this filthy industry?

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Calif. and N.Y. Lawmakers Join PETA in Push to Ban Deadly ‘Wet Markets’

PETA has been calling for a ban on live-animal markets from the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Every government body should be doing the same.

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Careless Spring Breakers Ignoring COVID-19 Warnings: It’s Time to Go Vegan

If spring breakers in Florida were somehow still looking for a sign that the coronavirus pandemic should be taken seriously, PETA just gave it to them.

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Animals Are the Real Winners, Thanks to Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar Speech

On one of the biggest nights of his life, PETA Person of the Year Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t thinking about himself. He was thinking about what else he could do to help end speciesism.

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PETA to Top Oscar® Nominees: ‘Everyone Wins’ When We All Go Vegan

PETA’s addition to this year’s “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bags will help today’s biggest stars make the connection between animal agriculture and climate change.

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