Parody Olympic Mascot Sees Red: ‘The Olympics Are Sponsored by Cruelty to Animals’

PETA France activists followed the Olympic torch to call out sponsor LVMH for still killing animals for fur and exotic skins.

Photo: Cédric Deligne
Victory! Marc Jacobs Bans Reptile and Ostrich Skins Following PETA Push

PETA applauds Marc Jacobs’ compassionate decision to cut ties with the cruel exotic skins industry and urges designers everywhere to follow its lead.

Why Were PETA U.K. Supporters Arrested at LVMH’s Annual Meeting?

PETA U.K. members were arrested, but what crimes against fashion is LVMH committing?

How Has Cruelty to Animals Funded the World’s Wealthiest Person? PETA Spills the Dirt

Did you know that the world’s wealthiest person built his fortune on animal suffering? PETA reveals how Louis Vuitton’s CEO got filthy rich selling exotic skins and fur.

No Luxury in Leather: Five Brands Still Killing Animals for Their Skin

Why are high-end brands still selling “luxury leather” when animal-free and eco-friendly options are readily available? PETA reveals the rip-off.

PETA’s Not ‘Happy’ With Pharrell: We’re Challenging Him Over New $1M Crocodile-Skin Bag

Pharrell Williams’ new crocodile-skin bag costs $1 million—but the trip PETA is offering him is priceless.

Fashion With Compassion: Model Ava Dash Bares It All in Beautiful PETA Ads

Model Ava Dash joins PETA for two striking ads to send the message that it’s time to shed exotic skins.

Photo: © Stewart Shining
You’ll Jump out of Your Skin After Watching This Star’s New Video

Fashion should be about creativity, not cruelty. Check out how actor Elisabetta Canalis is teaming up with PETA U.K. to help alligators, snakes, and other animals.

Hermès Has the Ultimate Chance to Shed Its Scaly History

Following the death of Jane Birkin, PETA U.K. is putting the squeeze on Hermès to give its brand new life in her honor.

5 of the Top Animal Exploiters PETA Has Shut Down

Why isn’t PETA shut down? We wish we were—as it would mean that we had met our goal and that animals are no longer being exploited for human desires.

Think You Know Everything About Vegan Fashion? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

You won’t look at a pair of gloves the same way again after you take this quiz. Can you get more than three questions correct?

There’s a Snake in Your Boot—and You Won’t Be Able to Stomach How They Got There

Animal advocates took to the streets in Paris on the cusp of two important meetings that could decide the fates of snakes and crocodiles.

Passionate About the Planet? Then Don’t Miss This New PETA Ad for Earth Day

A fan of Earth Day but stuck on how to contribute? PETA’s witty ad ending with “or put a cork in it” will have you laughing and learning how to help the planet.

Woman: © | Globe: ©
Macy’s Makes Fashion More Compassionate by Shedding Exotic Skins

Which department store ditched products made of exotic skins, favoring compassion for animals? Macy’s! Learn how PETA helped make it happen.

End of Year Action Recap: Victories by PETA Supporters and How You Can Add More

Need some great end of year inspiration? Check out these 2022 victories for animals by PETA supporters, and take action with our easy, cutting-edge systems.

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