Meet Bua Noi and Kat—Two Great Apes Languishing in Barren Concrete Cages at a Thai Department Store Zoo

Located in a Bangkok department store, Pata Zoo is “one of the worst zoos in the world.” Watch PETA’s video to see the way animals suffer at this crummy hellhole.

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A Rescue for the History Books: PETA Rescues 72 Animals From Tri-State Zoological Park

In the biggest roadside zoo rescue in PETA history, PETA and animals won against Tri-State Zoological Park.

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Here Are the 10 Worst Venues Exploiting Alligators for Entertainment

PETA frequently receives complaints about facilities that offer alligator “attractions” from whistleblowers appalled by the poor conditions in which the animals are kept.

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Coconspirator in Tonka’s Kidnapping Cited for Reckless Exotic-Animal Show

First, he lied in court in an attempt to abduct Tonka. Then he let animals languish and put children in danger with his reckless traveling exotic-animal attraction, A–Z Exotic Animal Adventures.

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Video Taken at Lagoon in Mexico Serves as a Reminder to Leave Wildlife Alone

A horrifying video taken at a lagoon in Mexico is a grisly reminder of what can happen when humans disturb wild animals in their homes.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

‘Doc’ Antle Tries to Offload Roadside Zoo

In the face of potential prison time, “Doc” Antle is grasping at straws to try to keep his seedy roadside zoo, Myrtle Beach Safari, going.

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5 Sugar Gliders Found Dead in a Pipe at SeaQuest Fort Worth—Help Now

The animals imprisoned at SeaQuest need your help: The USDA’s latest report from the Fort Worth venue details a horrific mass death event and dangerous staffing problems.

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VIDEO: Fatal Tiger Mauling Is a Reminder to Skip Roadside Zoos

These cruel attractions put visitors and staff at risk—and the animals they exploit for profit are doomed to a life of abuse and neglect.

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Orangutan at Indonesian Zoo Grabs Teen Who Jumped Barrier and Allegedly Taunted Him

One wannabe social media influencer learned an important lesson about teasing animals after an orangutan he allegedly taunted decided to fight back.

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VIDEO: Jamaica Zoo Employee Taunts Lion, Loses His Finger

A Jamaica Zoo worker taunted a lion, and what happened next horrified visitors. Watch the footage—and never visit a roadside zoo.

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Evil Bidding: Triple W Exotic Animal Auction Cited by Feds Again Over Welfare Issues

Triple W and other exotic-animal auctions are nightmarish for animals, who are confined to cramped cages and denied necessary veterinary care.

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Here’s Why You Should NEVER Visit the Austin Aquarium

Take a look at what happened to two otters—and other animals—at the Austin Aquarium. Here’s how you can help them.

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Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve Cited for Welfare Violations

Animals at Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve have endured malnourishment, freezing temperatures, and forced public contact. Stay far away.

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Woody’s Menagerie Owner Buys and Sells Animals and Has a History of Sending Them to Slaughterhouses

This shady intermediary of the roadside zoo industry buys and sells animals and has a history of sending them to slaughter. Take action against roadside zoos!

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PETA Victory Results in More Than $180,000 Payout From ‘Tiger King’ Villain Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe was slammed for “appalling cruelty” in PETA’s lawsuit win. Find out how you can help stop further suffering of animals at roadside zoos.

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