When PETA Roared For Action, These Roadside Zoos Faced Federal Crackdowns

As long as animals suffer at roadside zoos, we’ll work relentlessly to shut these facilities down. Here’s how our complaints have led to federal crackdowns.

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SeaQuest Littleton Is Closing: Find Out Why This Animal-Exploiting Hellhole Was a Failure From the Start

Great news! SeaQuest Littleton, a crummy mall aquarium with a history of injuries, deaths, and animal welfare violations, is finally shutting its doors.

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How Parakeets Are Crushed to Death at Roadside Zoos

Parakeet aviaries at roadside zoos and fairs can be deadly for birds. Learn more about these dangerous displays and discover ways you can help budgies.

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5 Ways Bear Country U.S.A Is a Nightmare for Animals

Birthing season is rapidly approaching for the bears held at Bear Country U.S.A. Learn how you can help stop future generations from suffering at the facility.

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4 Shocking PETA Investigations That Sparked Major Action for Animals in 2023

With your support, PETA’s eyewitness investigators can expose—and ultimately end—the cruelty that animal abusers try so desperately to hide.

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PETA CAP worker with Midnight, a black dog

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Feds Find Ailing Animals, Maggot-Filled Food at Animal Haven Zoo After PETA Tip

Animal Haven Zoo has had years to clean up its act, but repeated failures to do so show that it’s either incapable or unwilling to provide animals there with proper care.

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Notorious Mt. Hope Auction Makes This Town the WORST for Animals

Three times a year, the Mt. Hope Auction crams thousands of animals into severely crowded pens and stacked cages in its barns. Find out how you can help end this nightmare.

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Uncovering Cruel Conditions for Hoofed Animals at Roadside Zoos

Hoofed animals endure multiple welfare issues at roadside zoos. PETA nails down each egregious problem and prompts you to help these animals.

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Don’t ‘Fall’ For Cruel Attractions This Season—Where NOT to Go Pumpkin Picking

It’s not fall without pumpkin picking, but make sure your seasonal festivities don’t involve animal suffering. Here are some pumpkin patches to avoid.

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‘Doc’ Antle Pleads Guilty in Wildlife-Trafficking Case

PETA is calling on federal authorities to terminate the licenses that keep Bhagavan “Doc” Antle’s sleazy roadside zoo in South Carolina operating.

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How Michigan’s Even Keel Exotics Pushed Feds Past the Tipping Point

In August 2023, the USDA confiscated close to 150 animals from Michigan’s Even Keel Exotics. Learn how PETA played a part.

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Photos: USDA Violations and How to Spot Them to Help Protect Birds

Learn how you can spot violations of the USDA’s latest rules and regulations for birds used for entertainment.

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What Everyone’s Missing About Angela—the Standing Sun Bear at a Zoo in China

Heard about the viral video of a sun bear standing and “waving” in a Chinese zoo? Instead of focusing on whether she’s “fake,” PETA points to the real problem.

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Victory! Feds Strip License From Notorious Montana Animal Exhibitor

Victory! Animals of Montana lost its license at long last. Learn about PETA’s role and how you can help protect animals used for entertainment.

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Victory! Big Cats Moved From Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden to Reputable Sanctuaries

With the end of a big-cat display at Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden, animal-exploiting spectacles have all but done a disappearing act from the Las Vegas Strip.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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