Rescuers in Action: Watch Pregnant Horse Maria’s Jaw-Dropping Escape From Death

As bombs tore apart her home in Ukraine, a pregnant horse desperately attempted to escape an explosion. Watch as PETA-supported teams come to her rescue.

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What’s the Best Way to Stay up to Date on Helping Our Fellow Primates? Follow This Page!

A new community of people online are exposing what our fellow primates endure in laboratories. Find out how to support them.

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PETA Mourns Mali, the Elephant Who Spent Decades Alone at the Manila Zoo

Because of indifference and greed, Mali the elephant died the same way she had lived for nearly 50 years: alone in a concrete pen at the Manila Zoo.

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Notorious Mt. Hope Auction Makes This Town the WORST for Animals

Three times a year, the Mt. Hope Auction crams thousands of animals into severely crowded pens and stacked cages in its barns. Find out how you can help end this nightmare.

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Ready for the Five-Night Trip of Your Life? Bid Today on a Vegan Safari! 

Are you ready to check “Go on an African safari” off your bucket list? Bid today to help animals in PETA’s end-of-year auction. 

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Celebrate the Holidays With a PETA Present!

What Gunner’s West Side Highway Escape Should Mean for All Horse-Drawn Carriages


Gunner the horse was frightened during a carriage repair and fled to a busy street in New York. Read the breaking story and find out how to help horses now.

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With Your Help, PETA Makes Sure Animals Who Died in Fire Aren’t Forgotten

The man who allegedly set fire to a barn, burning more than two dozen horses alive, will face felony charges for killing the animals. Learn more about the story.

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Mayor Responds to Lion Escape From Circus Near Rome: ‘I Hope That This Will Stir Some Consciences’

A recent incident involving a circus near Rome has sparked concern from the public—and from a local mayor—about the dangers of cruel circuses.

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’60 Minutes’ on Horse Racing—and PETA’s Role in Achieving Change

How did PETA help pave the way for the federal criminal investigation that led to convictions for illegally drugging horses?

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Victory! Rite Aid Is Phasing Out Greeting Cards Featuring Flat-Faced Dogs

What’s wrong with greeting cards featuring pugs or bulldogs? Rite Aid and PETA agree there’s nothing cheerful about animals who can’t breathe.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

Uncovering Cruel Conditions for Hoofed Animals at Roadside Zoos

Hoofed animals endure multiple welfare issues at roadside zoos. PETA nails down each egregious problem and prompts you to help these animals.

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Live Butterflies at Paris Fashion Week? After Hearing From PETA, Designer Agrees to Stop Exploiting Living Beings on the Runway

Living beings aren’t ours to use as props—that’s what a clothing designer learned after pulling a speciesist stunt while showing his line of dresses at Paris Fashion Week.

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Reflect, Remember, and Act: Sherlyn’s Message for the Día de Muertos

Sherlyn’s heartfelt plea on the Día de Muertos spotlights the urgent need to end bullfighting and protect the sensitive, intelligent animals it tortures and kills.

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PETA Urges Officials to End Miami Seaquarium’s Lease After Multiple Citations

The feds have cited the Miami Seaquarium so many times that PETA had to write to county officials. Learn the aim of our letter here.

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PHOTOS: Why Are the Streets in Front of the Vatican Drenched in Blood?

PETA U.K.’s papal plea to help bulls took to the streets in Rome with a display that turned heads and changed hearts. 

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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