Victory! Hadi Shrine Circus Will No Longer Exploit Elephants in Its Shows

Great news! Following a vigorous PETA campaign, a notorious circus will finally stop exploiting elephants in its acts.

VIDEO: Elderly Elephant Viola Flees Her Circus Abusers, Runs Panicked on City Streets

PETA urges everyone to help protect elephants by refusing to buy a ticket to any circus that forces them to perform.

OBS Director of Sales ARRESTED for Robbing PETA Investigator

An Ocala Breeders’ Sales exec hoped to hide footage of the last moments of a horse’s life from the public, but PETA won’t let the company cover its tracks.

The Wyld Jungle: An Illegal Roadside Zoo Where Animals Are Harassed for Viral Content

The influencer behind an illegal roadside zoo in Temecula, California, has no business exhibiting animals. Here’s what you need to know about the cesspool of suffering known as The Wyld Jungle.

Is Bullfighting a Sin? Check Out PETA U.K.’s New Ad for the Answer

It’s almost Easter, and ahead of the First Meeting of Bullfighting Chaplains and Priests in Zamora, Spain, an urgent message has appeared throughout Rome and Vatican City.

Broadway Brilliance: PETA Honors ‘Water for Elephants’ With Prestigious Award

From Rosie the elephant to llamas and big cats, the Broadway adaptation of “Water for Elephants” captivates audiences without exploiting a single live animal.

Before a Bullfight: 8 Ways Bulls Are Abused Before They Step Into a Ring

In a typical bullfight, the odds are heavily stacked against defenseless, disoriented bulls. But did you know their suffering starts long before they even enter a ring?

Listen Up, Hollywood! Steve Buscemi’s ‘The Listener’ Sets an Example for Compassionate Filmmaking

Listen up, Hollywood! Steve Buscemi’s indie drama starring Tessa Thompson is setting an example for compassionate filmmaking.

Victory! Jet2holidays Gives Marine Animals a Break With This Compassionate Move

After a massive PETA U.K. campaign, Jet2holidays ended ticket sales to certain abusement parks. Find out how dolphins, whales, and other animals will benefit.

PHOTOS: PETA India Rescues 150th Animal From a Cruel Industry

Twenty-four former owners of bull and horse carts will be handed keys to new e-rickshaws. Learn how PETA India helped achieve this victory and how 150 animals have benefited so far.

On SeaWorld’s 60th Anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann Shares a Personal Plea

Ahead of SeaWorld’s 60th anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann shares a heartfelt plea for Corky the orca’s freedom.

A Shipwreck of Suffering: New Investigations Confirm What PETA’s Been Saying About Seedy SeaQuest Aquariums

New nationwide investigations into the shopping mall hellholes known as SeaQuest aquariums have confirmed what PETA has been saying since they opened.

Desert Mouse Wisdom: Vegan Tips From Dune

We don’t have to wait for the year 10191 to make our world a kinder place. How to bring some Fremen values to Earth and learn from their faults.

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Iditarod 2024 Updates: Race Ends With 3 Dog Deaths, 200+ Pulled From Trail

Now that the deadly 2024 Iditarod is over, PETA is breaking down the chaos of the race and the dogs’ suffering that permeated it.

Georgina Amorós Joins PETA Latino to Lead the Charge Against Bullfighting

Spanish actor Georgina Amorós partners with PETA Latino for a stunning ad against bullfighting to be placed in the heart of Spain.

Photo: © Carlota Guerrero
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