Empathy Over Experimentation: The Case Against the Term ‘Lab Rat’

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The term “lab rat” only perpetuates speciesism and condones cruel experiments on animals. Let PETA increase your compassion for rats.

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Small Animals Sliced Open and Killed in New Test Funded by MSG-Maker Ajinomoto

Ajinomoto Co. Inc. is paying a Philadelphia laboratory to bully, kill, and slice open small animals in a gruesome new experiment.

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Axe Joins PETA’s ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ Animal Test–Free List

Axe, a popular men’s personal-care company, is axing cruel and pointless experiments on animals and officially joining PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies list.

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PETA’s First ‘JunkSci’ Award Recipient Beheaded Rats in a Guillotine

To encourage one university to clean up its act, PETA is sending it our JunkSci trophy—a gilded garbage can—to signal that its rat torture test should be tossed out like the trash it is.

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2023’s Biggest Victories for Animals in Labs and How PETA Made Them Happen

In 2023, PETA’s dedicated team worked all year to shut down barbaric laboratories, advance non-animal tests, and expose the cruelty of experiments on animals.

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PETA CAP worker with Midnight, a black dog

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PETA’s Undercover Video Shows Dogs Force-Fed OxyContin, the Drug Featured in the Netflix Hit ‘Painkiller’

Matthew Broderick and Uzo Aduba expose human opioid addiction in the U.S., while PETA exposes opioid testing on beagles.

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Ajinomoto Can’t Seem to Steer Clear of Cruel Animal Tests

Why is the world’s largest producer of MSG bankrolling dairy experiments at the University of Illinois?

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Necks Snapped for Meat Glue? Ajinomoto’s Latest Business Venture

What is meat glue? If chicken nuggets or cheese are still on your menu, finding out may make you change your ways.

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Celebrate the Mango: A Perfect Fruit That No One Needs to Die For

Everyone knows mangoes are nutritious. So why is the National Mango Board paying labs to mutilate animals in order to sell more of the fruit? This National Mango Day, tell it to stop this.

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PETA’s Big Impact! Inside the Campaign to End Car-Crash Tests on Animals

PETA has driven home the message to companies and consumers alike: Animal-free crash tests are the path to a safer future.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

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Did Animal Testing Malign MSG? Ajinomoto Says Yes but Continues Tests Anyway

MSG maker Ajinomoto has deployed dietitians to debunk the animal testing that gave its star product a bad name but refuses to stop its current deadly animal tests.

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5 of the Top Animal Exploiters PETA Has Shut Down

Why isn’t PETA shut down? We wish we were—as it would mean that we had met our goal and that animals are no longer being exploited for human desires.

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Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

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PETA Shut Down 6 Real Experiments Worse Than Those in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

PETA helped end real-life experiments on animals that were far worse than anything in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”—here’s how.

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Learn How Rabbits Are Exploited in Laboratories, on Angora Wool Farms, and Elsewhere This Easter Sunday

These shocking facts about rabbits might inspire you to take action for bunnies this Easter.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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