Hop Into Atiana De La Hoya’s Bunny-Friendly ‘Get Ready With Me’ Video

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Atiana De La Hoya, daughter of the iconic musician and longtime vegan Travis Barker, grew up in a household where kindness and empathy were core values. Her compassion toward animals began at a young age and runs deep. Now she’s using her platform to remind people that beauty never has to come at animals’ expense.

Atiana sits in front of a mirror surrounded by rabbit statues and cosmetics

Atiana’s advocacy for cruelty-free beauty is deeply personal. Thanks to her two beloved bunnies, Jeff and Daisy, she has firsthand experience of the joy and companionship that animals bring into our lives. And that’s why she knows that true beauty is cruelty-free.

“I was doing my makeup one day, and I looked over at Jeff and Daisy, ’cause they kind of run around my room, and I realized that some of the makeup that I’m using directly affects, maybe not Jeff and Daisy, but many rabbits and many animals, especially mice and guinea pigs and rats.”

—Atiana De La Hoya

Why Testing on Animals Is Unethical and Ineffective

Tests on rabbits are not only cruel but also scientifically unreliable. Due to the biological differences between humans and the animals commonly used in toxicity tests and the unnatural and stressful conditions these animals are forced to endure, the results of these tests are meaningless and do nothing to protect humans.

With the rise of modern animal-free testing methods, from cutting-edge three-dimensional tissue models to advanced computer simulations, there are now effective and humane ways to ensure that cosmetics are safe to use. Every animal is someone, and there’s no legitimate excuse to torment and kill them for a tube of lipstick or a bottle of mascara.

What Is ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’?

PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program is a valuable resource for compassionate shoppers, offering a searchable database of over 6,500 companies and brands that don’t test on animals. By downloading the Bunny Free app or visiting the Beauty Without Bunnies website, consumers can easily identify cruelty-free products and make ethical purchasing decisions.

“I think it’s really important just to think more about the products that you use every day and the products that you buy every day because nobody has to be perfect, but just thinking about the little things and the little contributions that you can make really do make a difference.” —Atiana De La Hoya

Kindness Looks Good on Everyone!

Atiana’s message serves as a powerful reminder of how easy it is to make compassionate choices every day. Her advocacy for cruelty-free beauty is not just about makeup—it’s about making a difference in the lives of animals. Together, we can choose kindness and make the world a more beautiful place for everyone.

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