Kharkiv Bombardment: Time Is Running Out for Abandoned Animals in Ukraine

On a harrowing mission deep in war-torn Vovchansk, Ukraine, a PETA-supported rescue team stared death in the face to save four dogs.

Animal Companions
Snip, Snip, Hooray! 229 Cats and Dogs ‘Fixed’ at Galax Spay/Neuter Clinic

How many cats and dogs did PETA “fix” in Galax, Virginia? See how we’re curbing the animal overpopulation and homelessness crises one snip at a time!

PETA Ad Blasts Prosecutor for Refusing to Seek Justice for Blood Bank’s Victims

PETA sent another bold message to Jackson County Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant urging him to take action for cats deprived of veterinary care at a blood bank hellhole. Find out how YOU can help.

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PETA-Supported Clinics in Latin America Have Massive Impact

See how one PETA supporter is making BIG waves for animals in Latin America.

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Why Were PETA Protesters Arrested at the Westminster Dog Show?

The only prize the “Best in Show” winner of the 2024 Westminster dog show gets is a lifetime of being exploited.

Animal Companions
Poochella Is Back! Local Animal Shelters Raised the ‘Woof’ at PETA’s Canine Adoption Fest

“Paws” the music—PETA’s Coachella spin-off was an unforgettable event for all. Meet some of the dazzling, four-legged headliners of Poochella 2024.

Spay-a-Thons, Adoptions, and More: Just 3 Months Into 2024

From access to spay/neuter surgery to end-of-life services and adoption, we help animals around the world and in our own backyard.

Will Moseley of ‘American Idol’ Under Fire for Horrifying Hunting Video

“American Idol” contestant Will Moseley’s search for stardom has been ruined by a disturbing hunting video that resurfaced and sparked outrage.

Governor Who Bragged About Shooting Her Dog Is In for a Fright This Halloween

See PETA’s response to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem admitting that she shot and killed her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, and a goat who smelled “musky.”

Animals Kept in Filth, Left to Die at Self-Proclaimed ‘Rescue’—PETA Calls For Charges

PETA exposed neglect at this animal-hoarding hellhole posing as a “rescue” facility. Now we’re asking the local prosecutor to file charges against its owner.

How Did Sick Dog Britney Survive in a Heavily Bombed City? Watch the Video

Britney was cowering in an old barn, hiding from the terrifying onslaught of gunfire in a Ukrainian town, when PETA-supported teams came to her rescue.

86 Companion Animals Spayed or Neutered, Thanks to PETA

PETA’s Mobile Clinics Division has helped spay or neuter more than 227,700 companion animals since it began. See the latest lifesaving event!

Animal Companions
PETA Sterilized 499 Animals in Mexico—and Brought Back One Lucky Pup

Emaciated, riddled with parasites, and with a fractured leg, Gordon was fighting for his life on the streets. But thanks to PETA, this adoptable pup is ready for the good life.

Animal Companions
Mexico’s Homeless-Animal Crisis Is a Huge Problem—Here’s How PETA’s ‘Fixing’ It

In Chichimilá and Cancún, Mexico, scores of companion animals rolled up in style to PETA’s free spay/neuter clinics. Help us continue this vital work!

Manya Rescued From a Snowdrift in Ukraine: Watch Her Jaw-Dropping Recovery

Manya the dog’s tale went from hopeless to hopeful, thanks to a PETA-supported clinic.

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