Is Anyone Home? NIH Doles Out $300 Million With Zero Accountability

The National Institutes of Health’s former director just told Congress he doesn’t know how, or if, foreign laboratories are checked out before they’re handed $200 million to $300 million a year in U.S. taxpayer funding.

40 Years of Monkey Misery: Margaret Livingstone’s Cruel Career Timeline

It’s time for Margaret Livingstone to quit her day job. After 40 years of animal experimentation, she’s failed to help humans, despite a monumental monkey body count.

Kharkiv Bombardment: Time Is Running Out for Abandoned Animals in Ukraine

On a harrowing mission deep in war-torn Vovchansk, Ukraine, a PETA-supported rescue team stared death in the face to save four dogs.

Here’s Everything Animal Experimenters Don’t Want You to Know About Craniotomies

Experimenters are drilling holes into animals’ skulls and implanting electrodes in their brains. But these procedures do nothing to help human patients.

Animal Companions
Snip, Snip, Hooray! 229 Cats and Dogs ‘Fixed’ at Galax Spay/Neuter Clinic

How many cats and dogs did PETA “fix” in Galax, Virginia? See how we’re curbing the animal overpopulation and homelessness crises one snip at a time!

VIDEO: Heavily Bleeding Minks Beaten on Polish Fur Factory Farm

Workers on a fur factory farm in Poland were filmed beating screaming minks with their hands and fists as well as with clubs and slamming bloody animals against cages.

Strutting Without the Suffering: Nikki Glaser Shows Off Her Own Skin in PETA Ad

Comedy queen Nikki Glaser joins PETA to deliver a jaw-dropping message about compassion with respect to fashion.

© Photo: Joan Fisher
EGYPTAIR Shipping Monkeys Again? And They Might Not Be Traveling Alone …

Does your word mean nothing, EGYPTAIR? Help us stop the airline from apparently letting a deadly wildlife trade reach new heights.

PETA Scientist’s Group Wins Major Prize for Work Against Animal Experimentation Bias

PETA scientists have worked tirelessly to level the playing field for non-animal research. Now they’ve helped win an international award for that work.

© Hamara/
PETA Ad Blasts Prosecutor for Refusing to Seek Justice for Blood Bank’s Victims

PETA sent another bold message to Jackson County Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant urging him to take action for cats deprived of veterinary care at a blood bank hellhole. Find out how YOU can help.

Cicadas Are All the Buzz This Spring—What Can Kids Learn About Them?

PETA Kids’ free resource will give you everything you need to help kids learn about kindness to insects—so you don’t have to wing it.

‘We Can and Should Do Better’: Baboon Experiments Move Virginia Senator to Action

A Virginia state senator, moved by the plight of animals in laboratories, led the enactment of a new law to increase transparency in laboratories that experiment on animals.

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PETA-Supported Clinics in Latin America Have Massive Impact

See how one PETA supporter is making BIG waves for animals in Latin America.

Animal Companions
Why Were PETA Protesters Arrested at the Westminster Dog Show?

The only prize the “Best in Show” winner of the 2024 Westminster dog show gets is a lifetime of being exploited.

Queen Camilla’s New Wardrobe Rule Reigns Supreme—and Everyone Should Follow It

Queen Camilla’s new style parts with tradition to create a kinder future for animals. Will the King’s Guard’s fur caps be next?

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