Why Editing Chickens’ Genes Is a Cockamamie Idea


Wait just a wing flap—scientists think messing with chicken genetics will hinder disease?! PETA’s got five reasons why that’s a no.

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PETA’s Oscat Awards: A Closer Look at This Year’s Standout Films for Animal Advocacy

Get ready to roll out the red carpet as we celebrate the most animal-friendly films of the year at the Oscat Awards!

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What an Avocado-Loving Rat Taught Me About Humane Rodent Control

Meet Ratty, the avocado-loving rodent who nibbled his way into my life and taught me an important lesson about using humane traps.

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Don’t Go ‘Bacon’ My Heart! PETA Spreads Love With Vegan BLTs on Valentine’s Day

To spread love for our fellow animals on Valentine’s Day, PETA’s cupids traded in their bows and arrows for something tastier.

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How Has Cruelty to Animals Funded the World’s Wealthiest Person? PETA Spills the Dirt

Did you know that the world’s wealthiest person built his fortune on animal suffering? PETA reveals how Louis Vuitton’s CEO got filthy rich selling exotic skins and fur.

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PETA CAP worker with Midnight, a black dog

Share Compassion With a PETA Present

With a PETA Present, you can send a beautiful e-card and help animals.


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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Share Mini Cow TikTok Videos

Don’t share that mini cow TikTok video—instead, share these reasons why people should NEVER buy mini cows as “pets.”

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Next on the Chopping Block: Tyson Foods Plants

THIS flesh-peddling giant slaughters nearly 2 billion animals every year. Now, its own facilities are next on the chopping block.

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Animal Companions

Top U.S. Ad Agency Lends a Paw to Suffering Breeds

What wag-worthy news is PETA celebrating? A top U.S. ad agency made THIS compassionate decision in behalf of pugs, bulldogs, and other breathing-impaired breeds.

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Deadly Dairy? Cow’s Milk Now Leading Cause of Fatal Allergies in Children Under 16

A new study found that THESE products are the leading culprit of fatal food-related allergic reactions in children under 16.

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No Luxury in Leather: Five Brands Still Killing Animals for Their Skin

Why are high-end brands still selling “luxury leather” when animal-free and eco-friendly options are readily available? PETA reveals the rip-off.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

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From ‘Cluckles’ to Chuckles: ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’s’ Real-World Animated Impact

“Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” flips the script, exposing farms while promoting compassion for chickens with a side of vegan nuggets.

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PETA’s 2023 Company of the Year Is the ‘Apple’ of Our Eye!

PETA’s 2023 Company of the Year is the “apple” of our eye for its decision to say “adIOS” to cruelly obtained animal-derived leather.

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Reflect, Remember, and Act: Sherlyn’s Message for the Día de Muertos

Sherlyn’s heartfelt plea on the Día de Muertos spotlights the urgent need to end bullfighting and protect the sensitive, intelligent animals it tortures and kills.

Take Action Photo: © Daniel Moreno

Cruelty Isn’t Cozy: The Horror Story of H&M’s Cashmere Sweaters

H&M continues to sell cashmere sweaters despite the horror story behind their production. PETA’s new ad exposes the sinister cruelty.

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Awarding ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ for Ushering In the Truth on Animal Testing

AWARD! “The Fall of the House of Usher” on Netflix impressed PETA with how it handled animal testing. Find out the chilling reasons why.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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