Behind the Viral Videos: The ‘Cat Distribution System’ Exposed

Why is the “Cat Distribution System” all over TikTok? PETA points to problems with the concept and calls for responsible cat care.

Carnage During COVID: 25K Animals Slaughtered in College Killing Spree

New PETA evidence reveals that 22 universities killed a total of 25,000 animals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After Rutgers Kills 23,000 Animals, It Gets Tax Bailout—PETA Demands an Audit

Rutgers University went on a killing spree of animals used in experiments deemed “non-critical” during its COVID-19 shutdown, only to ask for reimbursement from New Jersey taxpayers. We call BS.

Can You Get a COVID-19 Vaccine if You’re Vegan? PETA U.K. Breaks It Down

As long as tests on animals are a legal requirement, refusing to get the vaccine on ethical grounds won’t help them. So how can you take action?

Right Now: PETA Scientists Virtually Attend World’s Largest Toxicology Conference

PETA scientists will be virtually presenting at the largest toxicology conference in the world—the 60th SOT Annual Meeting. Here’s how animals will benefit.

PETA Scientist Catches University of Washington Official LYING About COVID-19 Research

A University of Washington official stated that experiments conducted at its primate center were responsible for Moderna’s successful COVID-19 vaccine. It was a lie.

There’s No Monkey Shortage for COVID-19 Experiments Because NO Monkeys Are Needed

In this powerful op-ed, PETA adviser Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel says that despite experimenters’ whining, monkey-tested vaccines repeatedly fail in humans.

Epic Fail: Desperate Monkey Experimenters Try to Justify Their Own Existence

As modern science moves away from archaic and cruel tests on animals, experimenters are getting desperate. You won’t believe their latest desperate ploy for attention.

COVID-19 Proves We Can’t Waste Time on Animal Tests—Help PETA End Them

We need a COVID-19 vaccine, and we can’t waste time on ineffective animal testing. Lucky for us and the whole world, the U.S. government agrees.

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Scientists Worldwide Work to Fight COVID-19 Without Hurting Animals

Around the globe, there are a number of animal-free experiments already underway aimed at developing a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. Learn more.

PETA Thanks Jack Dorsey for $1B COVID-19 Relief—but What About Animal Tests?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has pledged $1 billion for global COVID-19 crisis relief. PETA says, no animal-testing strings attached, please.

Could a Chaotic Seattle-Area Primate Lab Become a COVID-19 Hotspot?

PETA has grave concerns for the monkeys locked up at the federally funded Washington National Primate Research Center in Seattle. Learn why.

Coronavirus Vaccine: NIH Isn’t Waiting for Pointless Animal Tests

The first human trial of a vaccine that could protect against COVID-19 has begun—without lengthy tests on animals being done first. Here’s why this is good news for ALL beings.

Killing Sprees at College Labs During COVID-19 Shutdown

Experimenters at two universities deemed animals nonessential and killed them. PETA’s calling them out for wasting tax dollars in this bloodbath.

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