PETA Stormed Runway Shows: How Fur Went out of Style

The fall of fur in fashion didn’t happen overnight. Read on to find out how PETA changed the fashion industry’s sense of style by storming the runway.

PETA Asks Shareholder Questions at Ralph Lauren and Capri Annual Meetings

PETA is heading to the boardroom to pressure retailers Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, and others not to sell items that sheep and goats suffered and died for.

VICTORY! Burberry Bans Fur and Angora

This great news comes after over a decade of campaigning by PETA and international affiliates against Burberry’s use of fur.

Personal Care & Fashion
Burberry Is Setting Fire to Items That Cost Animals Their Lives

Perhaps if Burberry eliminated cruelly obtained animal skins from its designs, there wouldn’t be 90 million pounds of unsold merchandise to burn.

Bloody Burberry: Photoshop to the Rescue?

I think we can all agree that in this day and age, there’s no excuse for pore poor Photoshopping, but someone at Bloody Burberry seems to have missed that memo.   hellomagazine / CC   In what must have been a tragic Photoshop accident by the oh-so-tragic Burberry, actor Emma Watson seems to have lost … Read more »

Helping Animals on Twitter: Cruelty-Free Fur Winter!

With winter rapidly approaching, it’s time to get cozy, comfy, and cruelty-free. Forget about fur collars, trim, or accessories: ‘Tis the season to go faux! Help save animals from becoming fashion victims with the click of a mouse! Just follow these five easy steps on Twitter: Step 1: Burberry may be best known for its … Read more »

Burberry Shuts PETA VP out of Meeting

Burberry representatives denied entry to Bruce Friedrich this morning, an action that we believe clearly violates the rules that govern publicly traded companies. Bruce, appearing as a proxy, had registered in time, confirmed his registration, and showed proper identification and a copy of his proxy voucher card to officials—but to no avail. One might suspect … Read more »

Play Fur Fighters!

Do it. It’s amazing.

Just Another Day at Burberry …
Happy Halloween, Burberry

PETA Europe did a little trick or treating yesterday at a Burberry store in Manchester to encourage the chain to stop with the fur already. Great demo guys.  

Burberry Hears From Film Legend Julie Christie

Deloitte/Creative Commons In addition to the critically-acclaimed film Away From Her, Julie Christie has starred in such classics as Doctor Zhivago and Heaven Can Wait, as well as one of my favorite films of all time, the incredibly frightening psychological thriller Don’t Look Now (which, incidentally, also features Donald Sutherland and an evil, knife-wielding troll … Read more »

Burberry Demos All Over the World

The Burberry campaigners at both PETA and PETA Europe have been extra busy lately. It seems like every day I have photos of some new demonstrations they’re rocking in my inbox. Check out this shot from a “Burberry: When Plaid Goes Bad” demonstration on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. And here’s a great news story … Read more »

When Plaid Goes Bad!

Employees at a Burberry in Philadelphia were surprised to come into work yesterday morning and find these two lovely ladies painted from head to toe in Burberry’s signature plaid design and a little fake blood to drive home the point that Burberry tortures animals for fur. Glorious.  

Burberry Protest in Moscow

Man, PETA Europe gets around. It seems like every day I’m seeing clips of their demonstrations in some far away land. Check out this coverage of a Burberry protest they held yesterday in Moscow. Admittedly, the article would be much more entertaining and informative if I could read Russian, but I still love it because … Read more »

Who’s Cuter, Mermaids or Cavepeople?

Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a no-brainer. But the relative cuteness of mermaids versus cavepeople was really hit home to me today when I received images from two different protests conducted by PETA UK yesterday. The first, from a demonstration in Edinburgh to encourage people to cut the fish out of their diets, gets … Read more »

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