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PETA’s exciting new national anti-vivisection ad campaign tells it like it is: If you call it medical research, you can get away with murder. And April’s nominees for Vivisector of the Month are a case in point. They are also so close in heinousness it’s going to be a tough fight to call. Here are these baby-animal abusers in all their gory … I mean, glory:

Kevin Grove at the Oregon National Primate Research Center abuses monkeys to try to show that pregnant women should eat healthy foods and that not doing so can be bad for their babies.

Grove confines monkeys to cramped cages and stuffs them with unhealthy foods until they are obese. He then impregnates the monkeys and gives some of them healthy foods and others fatty foods. Some of the mother monkeys from each group are killed and cut open, and their brains and fetuses are removed and examined. The monkeys who aren’t killed give birth and have their babies yanked away from them almost immediately, which is traumatic to both mother and baby. Grove and his team then terrorize the babies to see if the ones from mothers who ate unhealthy foods scare more easily.

Grove’s junk science has recently been criticized by students, scientists, and compassionate people around the country. And did we mention that the cost of these stupid and inhumane experiments has totaled $3.4 million in taxpayer money since 2007? Is it just me or would that much money be better spent on educational programs teaching pregnant women about good nutrition?

And in the other corner, Jason Coleman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spends his days (and our tax money) tormenting and killing baby mice. In experiments funded by the National Institutes of Hell Health, he and his team cut the edges off the eyelids of baby mice and sew the lids together until they fuse to each other and the babies are unable to open one eye. Then they drill holes into the babies’ skulls, implant electrodes into their brains, and stab the mice in the eyes with needles to inject drugs. After recording their brain activity, they kill the mice and cut out their eyes and brains.

Both of these vivisectors are a mother’s worst nightmare, but which one would you most like to see get K.O.’d by one of our UFC PETA pals? Will it be Kevin “Gravedigger” Grove or Jason “Heart of Coal” Coleman? After you’ve made your pick, send an e-mail to your representatives and senators asking them cut funding for cruel and deadly animal experiments.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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