Pit Bulls Pose in Support of Breed-Specific Protective Legislation

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Pit bulls are the breed of dog that is the most abused, the most neglected, the most often abandoned, and the most often euthanized. Should people be breeding more of them?

PETA fieldworkers help more pit bulls than any other breed, because they are the dogs who are most commonly chained and kept outside as a cheap burglar alarm. The pit bulls our staff tends to are, more often than not, kept outdoors 24/7 in all weather extremes and often with scant to no protection from the freezing cold or stifling heat—perhaps just a sheet of plywood or a metal barrel. They are bred repeatedly, and their puppies are sold off to be chained in another dirt patch somewhere else, deprived of everything that dogs need—including exercise, companionship, love, and respect—and often going without even the most basic necessities of life: food, water, and vital veterinary care for illnesses and injuries. Some owners cut their dogs’ ears with scissors to crop them into a fighting “style,” and some dogs are fought.

Bridget and Tank
Bridget & Tank

This is in large part why PETA supports breed-specific legislative protection for pit bulls—to prevent even more of these beleaguered dogs from being born into communities bursting at the seams with unwanted ones. This protection must include a requirement that pit bulls be spayed or neutered (which should be the law for all dogs and cats as long as animals are literally dying for homes in shelters and on the streets). Our mobile spay/neuter clinics sterilize pit bulls for free and have sterilized nearly 900 so far this year.

Nicole West and Pizza LovePits
Nicole & PIzza

We love all dogs, but pit bulls especially need help. Here are just a few of the PETA staffers and supporters and their pit bull companions who ask you to join us in supporting breed-specific protective measures:

Catherine & Belly LovePits
Catherine & Belly
Sara Britt and Pearl LovePits
Sara & Pearl
Danielle and Olivia
Danielle & Olivia
Debbie Metzler & Riverdog LovePits
Debbie & Riverdog
Luna & Michelle White LovePits
Michelle & Luna
Kate Swigart and Ellie LovePits
Kate & Ellie

Are you a pit bull guardian who supports breed-specific protective measures? We’d love to hear from you! Please Tweet or Instagram your selfies with the hashtag #LovePits. 

We invite you to read more about PETA’s efforts to help pit bulls and why we support breed-specific legislative protection.

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