¿Perro o Pollo? PETA Latino Says There’s No Difference

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If you wouldn’t barbecue a dog, why put a cow, pig, or chicken on the grill? That’s the question PETA Latino and Animal Heroes supporters—complete with chef hats and aprons—asked this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in three cities across Mexico.

BBQ Dog, Anyone?

The demonstrators served up some food for thought in Guadalajara, León, and Querétaro by “barbecuing” a lifelike “dog” and vegetables while other animal defenders handed out vegan starter kits and held signs reading, “End Speciesism—Go Vegan!”

five people in animal heroes and peta latino shirts standing in front of a building. in front of them is a mock grill with a realistic prop dog, which appears to be skinned and charred.
PETA and Animal Heroes supporters barbecue a “dog” in Querétaro, Mexico.

Cows, goats, lambs, chickens, and pigs are the same as our beloved animal companions in all the ways that matter: They’re physically sensitive and emotionally complex, they have individual personalities, and they all have the capacity to suffer or thrive depending on how they’re treated.

Anyone disturbed by the idea of cooking a canine should think about extending their compassion to all animals and choosing to live vegan.

Animals Suffer Immensely in Mexico’s Food Industry

Millions of animals are slaughtered for food in Mexico every year. Most of them are raised on filthy, severely crowded feedlots or in dark, cramped sheds. Workers dehorn cows and goats and castrate the males, often without pain relief.

At Mexican slaughterhouses, young, terrified animals are slashed across the throat, often while they’re still conscious. It’s standard industry practice to hurt and kill animals during the slaughter process in ways that would be illegal if done to a dog or cat.

Choosing to Live Compassionately: It’s for Everyone

Did you know that you could spare nearly 200 animals daily misery and a horrific death every year just by going vegan? That’s right—being vegan saves lives.

And get this: Going vegan protects the Earth’s climate by slashing harmful emissions from animal agriculture and helps keep workers out of slaughterhouses, packing plants, leather tanneries, and other dangerous places. Choosing to go vegan helps everyone enjoy a better life.

For those ready to make the switch, PETA’s free vegan starter kit has everything from recipes and tips on eating out to health information:

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