PETA Proposes a Vegan Update for Palworld, Awaits Pocketpair’s Response

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We wanted a vegan guide to Palworld, and Aden Carter from Game Sandwich delivered, showing us his best attempt at a vegan run of the game—it ends at Level 28 and consists entirely of collecting berries.

Berries are great and all, but PETA now proposes that with just five updates, Palworld would be ready for a whole new audience. Let’s dig into the Pal-friendly improvements, shall we?

New Feature: Pal Pacts

Why capture when you can pamper?

In Palworld, players’ relationships with Pals involve capturing, warehousing, and commanding them. Most wild Pals don’t even attack you on sight: The only way to interact with them is by beating and capturing them. This leaves the game unplayable for those of us who respect Pals as their own individuals with wants and needs.

Players should be able to Pact with wild Pals, establishing a trusting bond based on mutual survival with them. Instead of kidnapping Pals from their habitats, players would have to make partnerships with Pals worthwhile by providing them with food, play, and care—or else they’d leave of their own accord.

Back to the Drawing Board: Paldeck Reworks

I think Dumud would like to live without the fear of being sliced from end to end.

The Paldeck (Palworld’s Pokédex) has a lot to say about how Pals are used by humans—not cool, Pocketpair. Pals exist in their own right and have complex, rich lives without human interference. The ways in which we describe Pals, like any animal, impact how we think about them—so it pays dividends to “write kind”! When Pocketpair gets the Paldeck ready for release, it should also focus on sharing positive Pal facts. PETA’s writing team is always there to help.

New Content: Pal-Free Crafting Materials

Nights in Palworld get really cold without a bed or clothing… and scavenging Pal products from the Syndicate ain’t it.

We get it—resources are limited on the Palapagos Islands. However, if the best minds of the land can invent computer tech like the Palbox, surely they can figure out fruit leather, plant textiles, and vegan options for other base materials. Pals’ skin, flesh, milk, fur, and so on belong to them alone.

With vegan material options, players would be able to clothe themselves, sleep in a bed, and unlock a substantial portion of the technology tree without having to loot Syndicate goons for their nonvegan leftovers. In other words, animal advocates would be able to play the game!

Added Missions: Flesh Out the Free Pal Alliance

Liberation for every Pal—Lily’s our kind of gal.

It seems pretty clear that the Palapagos Islands need defenders of justice who will work to establish Pal rights and free them from the subjugation of human supremacy. The Free Pal Alliance is the start of something great, but it shouldn’t be an enemy of players. We want opportunities for players to work with the alliance.

Lily, its leader, is a great start! She eschews the master-servant relationships that have ravaged the Palapagos Islands and wants humans and Pals to live in harmony. Instead of fighting her as a boss, we’re envisioning a main-story quest line by her side, in which you could help her liberate Pals from their abusers and spread a mission of compassion to your fellow humans.

New Content: Better Vegan Recipes

Here’s something for the aspiring vegan chefs among us.

Palworld’s current vegan food selection is paltry, albeit functional. While you can scrape by, there are only five vegan base ingredients: berries, mushrooms, wheat, tomatoes, and lettuce, and the cooked vegan dishes the game lets you make with them are limited.

Cue the update! Palworld’s base ingredients list should include nuts and beans, with which players could craft delectable plant-based cheeses, dairy-free milk, nut butter, and other vegan delights to use in advanced recipes. We also want to be able to use flour to create delicious seitan, to replace Pal flesh in the game’s large roster of meat-based recipes.

If the game’s creators are looking for meal inspo, they’re welcome to reference PETA’s favorite recipes!

Palworld’s Vegan Patch: Coming Soon?

Pocketpair, the spotlight’s on you. Can we count on you to turn Palworld into a game that compassionate players can really enjoy, or will you leave us to our sticks and berries?

If you’re not feeling the vegan vibes just yet, maybe the modding community will take up the task. Who knows what the future holds?

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