Orangutan at Indonesian Zoo Grabs Teen Who Jumped Barrier and Allegedly Taunted Him

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After reportedly jumping a protective barrier and taunting an orangutan at an Indonesian zoo, a 19-year-old wannabe social media influencer found himself in a tight situation. Video footage captured at the scene, which shows the powerful orangutan grabbing the human bully and pulling him against cage bars, is going viral. The clip is teaching people around the world a lesson about speciesism and the problems with using animals for entertainment.

See the Video: Social Media Influencer Grabbed by Orangutan He Allegedly Taunted

A wannabe influencer learned an important lesson after an orangutan he allegedly taunted at a zoo in Indonesia decided to fight back!

Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Thursday, June 9, 2022

It shouldn’t be surprising that orangutans in roadside zoos—who are often denied space to explore and a compatible social group to belong to—may defend themselves when provoked by humans. Picking on animals who are suffering in these conditions is disgraceful.

At roadside zoos, apes and other animals languish in small, dilapidated enclosures, where they often pace as a result of frustration and distress. Wild animals in these miserable prisons can’t escape when visitors yell at, prod, and take flash photos of them.

As long as roadside zoos in any country confine animals in wretched conditions while fostering a culture of callousness toward them, incidents like this will continue to occur. Remember: Reputable sanctuaries never offer—much less encourage—direct contact with orangutans or any other wild animal species.

Never ‘Like’ Videos of Animals Being Teased on Social Media—Here’s Why

Even small acts, such as commenting on a post or sending a video to a friend, can influence the number of overall views something receives. The way you interact with this type of online content can also shape the opinions of others about animals, for better or for worse.

Show love to social media posts and videos that truly respect and uplift animals. And always leave a comment explaining why it’s wrong to tease them when you see a video in which they’re being intentionally scared, shamed, or humiliated.

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