Madison VonSosen

C5’s Earth Day Anthem: Rapping for Animal Rights

Join C5 as he drops rhymes and truths, collaborating with PETA for a powerful Earth Day message.

Why Animal Dissection Is So Last Century: Alicia Silverstone and Bear Speak Out

Alicia Silverstone’s message is clear: It’s time to say, “As if!” to animal dissection and embrace a compassionate and effective way to teach biology.

© Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
Hop Into Atiana De La Hoya’s Bunny-Friendly ‘Get Ready With Me’ Video

Atiana De La Hoya champions cruelty-free beauty, highlighting the importance of not supporting animal abuse when buying cosmetics.

Photo: © COUGHS
Cat Safety TKO: UFC Star Irene Aldana Throws Down for Cats and Wildlife in PETA Ad

UFC star Irene Aldana throws down the gauntlet, delivering a powerful ad that not only protects cats but also takes up the fight to preserve wildlife.

Photo: © Edelberto Francisco || Suazo Ibarro
Bare Essentials: Donna D’Errico Rocks Birthday Suit to Advocate for Compassionate Fashion

Celebrating her 56th birthday, Donna D’Errico boldly and beautifully bares it all for a cause close to her heart—cruelty-free fashion.

Photo: © Miranda Penn Turin
On SeaWorld’s 60th Anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann Shares a Personal Plea

Ahead of SeaWorld’s 60th anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann shares a heartfelt plea for Corky the orca’s freedom.

A ‘Grande’ Statement: Chef Babette Davis Glued Her Hand to a Starbucks Counter

Join Babette Davis as she stirs the pot at Starbucks, whipping up a frothy call for social justice, sustainability, and progress.

FURever Friends: Jennifer Aniston Receives Adoption Advocacy Award From PETA

Jennifer Aniston is a true leading lady in adoption advocacy, which is why PETA applauded her with an “I’ll Be There for You” Adoption Advocacy Award.

Animal Companions
‘Pawsitively’ Impactful: How v-dog and PETA Are Inspiring Top Oscar® Nominees to Help Dogs in Need

PETA and v-dog teamed up to promote compassion with special gifts for top Oscar® nominees, featuring vegan dog treats and a pledge to feed dogs in need.

Georgina Amorós Joins PETA Latino to Lead the Charge Against Bullfighting

Spanish actor Georgina Amorós partners with PETA Latino for a stunning ad against bullfighting to be placed in the heart of Spain.

Photo: © Carlota Guerrero
PETA and Noize Hit a Fashion High Note With Vegan Jackets at the GRAMMY® Gift Lounge

PETA and Noize composed a symphony of style and compassion with vegan jackets at this year’s GRAMMY® Gift Lounge.

From ‘Sopranos’ to Super Bowl: Edie Falco Takes a Stand for Mother Cows in PETA PSA

PETA Honorary Director and “Sopranos” star Edie Falco is panicking over cheese in PETA’s Super Bowl LVIII ad.

James Cromwell Was Joined by This Special Costar at PETA’s Special Event

Despite their “Succession” characters’ strife, these two stars made PETA’s Empathy Center grand opening a stellar event. See the highlights!

Reality Bites: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Sandoval Faces Backlash for Tiger Selfies

“Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval is headed for another “Scandoval” after posing with tigers at a seedy zoo in Thailand.

From ‘Cluckles’ to Chuckles: ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’s’ Real-World Animated Impact

“Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” flips the script, exposing farms while promoting compassion for chickens with a side of vegan nuggets.

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