Having Eggs? This Fleshy Object Will Make You Rethink Breakfast

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Not a fan of eating embryos or body parts? Just another reason to give up the eggs and go vegan.

A Facebook photo is turning stomachs after a disgruntled Morrisons customer in the U.K. posted a picture of what appears to be a fleshy object or partially developed chick she discovered after she cracked open an egg.


Alex Nicholson said that she bought a carton of eggs from her local store. While cooking a meal for her son, she was shocked to find the strange object.

“Safe to say I will not be having eggs again,” she wrote in a Facebook comment to the store.

We’re happy to hear that Nicholson is giving up eggs, just as everyone should. The egg industry is filled with torture, filth, and bloodshed. It imprisons 360 million hens in the U.S. alone inside battery cages, stacked tier upon tier in huge warehouses.

One commenter asked the obvious question: “You are disgusted by seeing a slightly developed [fetus] but [aren’t] disgusted by the hen that laid it being kept in a tiny little cage?”

According to egg industry representatives, most hens are crammed five to 11 to a cage, and each bird spends her entire life in a space equal to about three-quarters of a sheet of notebook paper. Portions of their sensitive beaks are also cut off to prevent them from pecking each other out of frustration.

It takes up to 34 hours in a cage for hens to produce one egg. After up to two years of this cruel confinement, they are either killed on site or endure a trip to the slaughterhouse, where they’re hung upside down, their throats are slit while they’re conscious, and they’re bled to death.

Many don’t even live to see two miserable years. Every year, millions of day-old male chicks are killed—typically ground up in a high-speed macerator or suffocated in trash bags—because they’re worthless to the egg industry.

Go vegan. Otherwise, expect animal parts to contain animal parts.

Whether it’s a nipple left on a strip of bacon, the head and feet still attached to a duck, or a bloody piece of chicken, people are realizing how disgusting eating animals is. Close the gap in logic: Go vegan today.

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