The Westminster Kennel Club and Dog Breeders Are All Supremacists

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Docked tails, cropped ears, flattened muzzles, unnaturally shaped skulls: Whatever dog shows want, dog breeders (who are designer-dog fanatics) provide—even at the expense of dogs’ health and lives. And breeding more and more dogs to match someone’s desired look or to be a weird status symbol results in fewer dogs in shelters being adopted and more being euthanized.

What’s Supremacy Got to Do With It?

Dogs don’t want to be exploited for some sick obsession, but breeders don’t care. They believe that dogs with pedigrees reign supreme, and for years, breeders have gone to deadly lengths to produce these unnatural designer breeds.

The American Kennel Club (AKC)—the registry of “purebreds” that sanctions the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show—sets and promotes certain breed standards. “Pure” bloodlines and a master race pedigree are the only things that matter. (Sound familiar?) But despite being fully aware of the devastating health risks, breeders remain devoted to meeting these aesthetic standards. And dogs—both “purebred” and mixed-breed—are dying because of it. More than 5,000 German shepherds and 4,000 beagles were listed on Petfinder after their breeds won the Westminster Kennel Club’s “Best in Show” award in 2017 and 2015, respectively.

Every time the Westminster Kennel Club picks a “Best in Show” winner, breeders jump to cash in on the increased demand for the winning breed and churn out those types of puppies. Breeding dogs to have certain genetic traits or appearances (or purposes, like for hunting, fishing, or sitting on royal laps) can leave them crippled and in nearly constant pain. Rottweilers have unusually high incidences of bone cancer. Dalmatians are genetically predisposed to deafness. Pugs can barely breathe because they’re purposely bred to have flat faces.

But looks are everything, right? 😒

Breeders and registries of “purebreds” are fully aware of these genetic problems, yet they remain steadfast in their narrowmindedness.

This vile devotion to breeding the “perfect” dog makes the companion-animal overpopulation crisis worse, too. The self-serving promotion of certain breeds aims to denigrate mixed-breed dogs, which shelters are full of. With millions of dogs—”purebreds” and mutts—already in need of homes, every puppy sold by a breeder means a lost opportunity for dogs waiting in a shelter for a family of their own.

Do Your Part to Reject Prejudice Against Mutts

There’s nothing good about dog breeding or dog shows. And because the folks behind these industries won’t budge, we have an obligation to do what’s right for animals.

Please, never support dog breeders (adopt, don’t shop!), and never choose a dog based on whether they’re a “purebred”—remember, mutts rule!

Always have your animal companions spayed or neutered. Find out how breeding dogs is killing dogs and how the AKC shares the blame, and click below to do more for victims of the pet trade.

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