COP26? More Like COPOUT26: PETA Entities March for a Vegan World

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From Glasgow to London, PETA entities joined COP26 marches to help spread a very important message to all citizens: You can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. Everyone must go vegan for animals and the planet.

PETA entity supporters from around the world stood strong in Glasgow, where COP26 was taking place, alongside activists and other animal rights organizations, such as Viva! and One Kind, to draw attention to the environmental importance of going vegan. PETA U.K. joined the COP26 London march to make sure our message was heard loud and clear.

What’s COP26, You Say?

COP26—or COPOUT26—is the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which brings parties together supposedly to accelerate action towards restoring the planet and tackling the climate crisis. World leaders are expected to agree on ways to stick to the global “carbon budget” and prevent a rise in global temperature of 2.7 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Despite persistent campaigning from PETA entities and other organizations, governments around the world are still failing to take action to mitigate the catastrophic impact animal agriculture is having on our planet.

How PETA Entities Are Taking Action for Climate Justice

In addition to creating a lot of noise at the COP26 marches in Glasgow and London, we also made sure that anyone—including world leaders, celebrities, and officials—walking around Glasgow during this important time of climate emergency understood exactly how to help the situation.

Two PETA U.S. “dinos” joined some of the marches as well, following President Joe Biden from the U.S. to Glasgow, Scotland, to encourage him to appoint a National Institutes of Health (NIH) leader who is ready to bring animal-free and human-relevant research to the institute. The agency currently wastes $19 billion annually on animal experiments that don’t offer cures or treatments for human ailments—that’s $19 billion that could be better spent on climate-crisis initiatives. Biden can help end the suffering of animals used for experimentation by choosing a forward-thinking NIH leader, and the dinos are making sure he gets the message loud and clear!PETA dinosaurs follow Joe Biden to the COP26 conference in ScotlandPETA activists from the U.S. and Mexico made a statement with more than 100,000 responses racked up on our COP26 action alert by the time the summit started. Animal rights supporters from many organizations united to get the vegan message trending on social media—you couldn’t log on to Twitter without #VegansForClimateJustice, #MeatEqualsHeat, and #CopOut26 popping up on your feed.

Fight Climate Change With Diet Change

The fishing, meat, egg, and dairy industries aren’t just relentlessly cruel to animals–they’re also a nightmare for the environment. The United Nations states that urgent and unprecedented changes—including a shift to being vegan—are needed to limit the catastrophic damage that will be caused by the climate crisis.

Scientists agree that vegan foods have a smaller carbon footprint than their animal-derived equivalents, so the single biggest thing we can do as individuals to help combat the climate crisis is to go vegan.

Melting Ice Animals Urge Everyone to Beat the Heat by Going Vegan

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Go vegan for animals and the planet:

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