‘Channel’ PETA on Your TV Screen With New Roku App

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Watching an investigative video on your phone or laptop is great when you’re on the go, but it doesn’t compare to watching on a true television screen. Thankfully, several apps are available that can help make your TV a vegan machine. Plus, they’re all free to download to your Roku device! Here are some of our favorite Roku channels:

PETA Investigates’ Brings Undercover Footage to Your Home’s Big Screen

PETA’s new Roku channel, PETA Investigates, features videos from our investigations into laboratories, the food industry, the clothing trade, the entertainment business, and more. These videos range in length from 30 seconds to about 10 minutes and very quickly get to the heart of the story—the animals’ suffering and what caring people can do about it. Sit down with your friends and family to watch a few PETA videos—you never know when inspiration will strike.

How Do I Access ‘PETA Investigates’ on My Roku Device?

Downloading and using PETA Investigates is very easy:

  • Locate the “Add Channel” section on your Roku device’s main menu.
  • Use the search function and punch in “PETA Investigates.”
  • Download the app.
  • Start the program from the main menu.
  • Select an investigative video and start watching!

Sick of Channel Surfing? Start Streaming UnchainedTV

This platform is home to all kinds of vegan content: cooking shows, documentaries, talk shows, thrillers, TV series, and music. UnchainedTV, founded by journalist and activist Jane Velez-Mitchell, is meant to inspire compassion and action to help create a cruelty-free, plant-based future.

Veggie Eats Will Make You Hungry for More

When you’ve entered a cooking slump, watching a few videos is sometimes all it takes to spark your creative fire once more. The Veggie Eats Roku channel presents step-by-step visual recipes and premade playlists by meal type—all the ingredients necessary for successful meal planning.

Sandwich packed with vegges

Press ‘Play’ on Going Vegan

From dismantling the idyllic view of the pet trade with footage of ferrets on a breeding factory farm to showing easy, nutritious, and delicious recipes, PETA Investigates and other vegan Roku channels make it clear that going vegan is the best way to limit your role in animal suffering. Go vegan today.

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