PETA Seeks Life Insurance Policy on Man Who Eats a Strict ‘Carnivore Diet’

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No bread, no pasta, no fruit, not a single veggie—that’s the food regime of a New York City resident named Wally Walters who subscribes to a “carnivore diet” (that is, eating only animal flesh and animals’ bodily secretions). But while he’s dedicated to having no carbs and no fiber, in the long run, he’s probably eating his way to having no life, or at least a very unhealthy one—which gave PETA an idea about ways to save him and the animals he likes to eat.

PETA has contacted the New York Life Insurance Company to inquire about taking a life insurance policy out on Walters. We’d like its beneficiaries to be the thinking, feeling animals we campaign so hard for in order to spare them the horrors of factory farming and slaughter. Given the overwhelming scientific evidence that eating animals has a negative impact on human health and longevity, we hope our effort will sway Walters to switch to vegan eating. Failing that, we hope the premium isn’t too outrageous!

Let’s be real: Walters’ actions go against all common sense and ethics.

As Dr. Christopher Gardner, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, says, a carnivore diet is “inappropriate for human health, bad for the health of our planet, abusive of the human labour force that handles the preparation of meat, abusive of animal rights and welfare.”

The leading sources of saturated fat and cholesterol in American diets are meat, eggs, and dairy “products.” The World Health Organization actually says that processed meat causes cancer, and according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans have lower rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Whether or not Walters objects to our taking out a policy, we hope he will listen to our concerns and go vegan, thus sparing the lives of hundreds of animals a year—and possibly saving his own.

Like the paleo and Atkins diets, the carnivore diet is just another misguided trend. It’s unhealthy, inhumane, environmentally damaging, and unsustainable. But that doesn’t stop those who sell it from cashing in on the fad, despite having no credentials in medicine or nutrition.

Tired of the lies the diet and agribusiness industries tell you? Go vegan today!

Stop eating animals—for their health and yours. Besides staying around longer for your loved ones, you’ll prevent nearly 200 animals a year—who want only to live with their families, free from torture and suffering—from enduring a cruel, senseless death.

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