Tell Cargill That It’s Lost Your Business Thanks to Circle S Ranch Turkey Truck Wrecks

Please join us and help prevent turkeys from suffering in these wrecks—and from enduring all the other pain and misery that this industry causes them.

In-N-Out—It’s Time to Get on Board With Vegan Options

Take action today, and tell In-N-Out that you want a vegan burger to be added to its menu!

PETA Action Alerts Perfect for the ‘Year of the Pig’

Let’s celebrate the Year of the Pig by getting these intelligent, gentle animals out of harm’s way. These quick actions are the easiest ways to help pigs.

Tell This Mouse That Killing Cows Isn’t for You

Dairy cheese and crust containing eggs is the product of animals who lived miserable lives and died horrific deaths. Chuck E Cheese’s should allow its guests to opt for vegan pizza if they’d like.

Dairy Queen, We Want Vegan Ice Cream!

Dairy Queen, we don’t want to have to DQ you. So please just offer nondairy ice cream!

Urge Little Debbie to Show Compassion for Cows and Hens With Vegan Snacks

We want the option to buy dairy- and egg-free baked goods. Urge Little Debbie to offer vegan options!

Tell Maine District Attorney: Lobsters Feel Pain, Deserve Legal Protection

Sign the petition urging Foster to recognize lobsters as the sentient beings they are and to prosecute the unacceptable practices at Maine Fair Trade Lobster.

Eyewitness Video Reveals Wisconsin Dairy Farm Burning Calves’ Heads Without Painkillers

Calves kicked and cried out as a worker pressed a hot iron to their heads. He said that burning calves without pain relief “makes it more exciting.”

Heifer International: Advocate for the Meat Industry

An eyewitness exposé reveals that goats can end up on a blood-soaked killing floor.

Tell Braum’s to Stop Selling Eggs From Beaten, Abused Hens

PETA has informed Braum’s of the abuse uncovered at Mahard, but it has been unresponsive. Please urge Braum’s to reconsider its relationship with the company.

Breaking: Cows Bludgeoned With Sledgehammers for Meat and Leather

PETA Asia obtained disturbing eyewitness video footage captured inside a Cambodian slaughterhouse showing workers repeatedly bashing cows in the head with sledgehammers.

10 PETA Pledges and Action Alerts Perfect for ‘World Kindness Day’

Taking these 10 quick actions is the perfect way to show your kind heart. With the click of a button, help animals all over the world.

Kat Graham Exposes Hens Buried and Trapped in Manure—Take Action Today!

On egg farms in Canada, eyewitnesses found hens buried in manure pits—and others in pain and crammed into cages alongside the dead. Help stop this cruelty today!

Suffering in Every Sip: Abuse on an Australian Dairy Farm

PETA Australia’s exposé of an Australian dairy farm reveals the terrible suffering in every sip of milk, slice of cheese, and scoop of ice cream.

Chickens Crammed Inside Shed on ‘Free-Range’ Farm

A PETA eyewitness exposé reveals that “free-range” eggs are anything but.

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