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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing and Accessories: Vegan Companies

The following companies sell only animal-friendly, cruelty-free products. To find out where their products can be purchased, please contact them directly.

Many of the companies listed in this guide are included in PETAMall.

Ahimsa Footwear
1-877-834-3668 •
Vegan shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, messenger bags and more

All Vegan
619-299-4669 •
Vegan shoes, belts, purses, and chocolates (available only in San Diego)

Alternative Outfitters

626-396-4972 •
Nonleather women’s shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, watches, cell phone pouches, and other accessories

Beyond Skin
+44 (0)1273 778837 •
Vegan shoes for women

The BioThane® Super Belt
1-573-777-8800 •
Vegan belts for men

[Body] Tecture
415-215-1108 •
Faux fur coats for men and women and throws

 Bourgeois Bohème
+44 (0)20 8045 4338 •
Vegan bags, belts, shoes, wallets, and cell phone and iPod cases

Broad Bay Cotton
1-800-676-8337 •
Wide variety of vegan purses, bags, backpacks, totes, diaper bags, and more

Calico Dragon Bags
1-888-707-3896  •
Purses that benefit animals

Canopy Verde
(888) 298-5530 •
Vegan, eco-friendly handbags

Cedar Key Canvas
1-800-729-0297 •
Handcrafted and custom-made canvas totes, purses, luggage, and duffles

Charmone Shoes
Elegant vegan handmade shoes for women

Cherry Berry
1-866-383-8447 •
Vegan handbags

Compassionate Couture •
Vegan handbags, shoes, and accessories

Copenhagen Artificial Fur
+45 3023 2010 •
Faux-fur jackets and wraps

Coquette Faux Furriers
Faux fur hats, muffs, purses, collars, and stoles

Couch Guitar Straps
Vegan guitar straps and belts

Cow Jones Industrials
518-392-2139 •
Variety of vegan shoes, handbags, belts

Cri de Coeur •
Vegan shoes and handbags

Cynthia King Dance
718-437-0101 •
Nonleather ballet shoes

Delikate Rayne
Cruelty-free women’s contemporary luxury clothing

Doctor Couture
Cruelty-free lifestyle brand for men, women, children & pets

Duffield and Crest
973-420-4466 •
Faux fur throws

Eco-friendly and 100 percent vegan women’s clothing and accessories

English Retreads
303-258-1625 •
Vegan handbags and accessories made from reclaimed inner tubes

Ethical Wares
011 44 15 7047 1155 •
Trekking and hiking boots, dress boots, steel-toe safety boots, and dress shoes for men and women

Ethique Nouveau
612-822-6161 •
Vegan boutique in Minneapolis; all purchases fund local animal advocacy programs

Eve Products
1-844-428-9383 •
Cork handbags, jewelry, wallets and other accessories.

Fabric Horse
215-995-1026 •
Vegan and hand made bags, utility belts, clothing, and accessories

011 44 20 7253 5768 •
Faux-fur jackets, cushions, bedspreads, rugs, throws, handbags, scarves, bikinis, and accessories

Faux Play
Faux fur wraps, shrugs, capelets, muffs and hats

011 44 12 0756 5957 •
Vegan shoes, accessories, and clothing for men, women, and children

203.283.4790 •
Vegan bags from recycled materials

Gloria Gerber
330-867-2102 •
Vegan bags

917-544-9454 •
Luxury vegan bags for men and women

Heavy Red Couture Noir
1-877-467-9443 •
Vegan designer gothic clothing and accessories

Helen Powers
212-288-9847 •
Vegan “Powerbag,” versatile enough for the gym or for travel

Ideal North
1-866-695-5995 •
Faux suede jackets and faux fur jackets and throws

jeane & jax
855.378.5955 •
Vegan and ethically-sourced handbags

Jill Milan
650-654-7381 •
Vegan luxury handbags

213-687-9699 •
Vegan guitar straps

Little Packrats
978-449-0222 •
Fun vinyl backpacks, lunch bags, and totes for kids

Lookie Lou
1-847-943-3999 •
Women’s boutique offering a carefully curated collection of luxurious cruelty-free shoes, eco-friendly swimwear, and ethical lingerie

0423532131 •                    
LOVECHILD is a compassionate living boutique in Australia housing international cruelty free designers and vegan life style products

1-888-446-2636 •
Stylish vegan purses, shoes, and wallets

M. Avery Designs Studio & Boutique
201-876-1198 •
Stylish nonleather bags

Maya Epler • •
Retro-inspired vegan women’s clothing boutique

Melissa McCarthy Seven7
Animal-free all-size clothing line

Michael Antonio
1-800-337-7156 •
Affordable vegan dress shoes for women

Mink Shoes
1-800-990-6465 •
Trendy vegan shoes for women

212.254.6512 •
Wide variety of nonleather shoes, belts, and wallets

Nella Bella
416-340-9884 •
Nella Bella is a Canadian company that sells high-quality vegan leather handbags, wallets, and accessories

Never Leather Land
Vegan messenger bags •
Nonleather weight-lifting gloves

Nice Shoes
Vegan shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and accessories

NoBull Footwear
011 44 12 7330 2979 •
Vegan dress and casual shoes, hiking boots, jackets, belts, and wallets

Noah Italian Vegan Shoes
+ 49 9391 504 169 •
Vegan shoes, bags, wallets, belts, and scarves

NoHarm •
Vegan dress shoes and boots for men

212-967-4767 •
Fashionable vegan shoes and bags

OffBeat WEAR
775-527-3590 •
Fun and funky faux-fur clothing

800.443.6573 •
Vegan footwear, sandals and flip flops

1-800-340-1200 •
Vegan shoes, belts, bags, wallets, guitar straps, jackets, ties, suits, and more

914-361-9624 •
Selection of trendy vegan bags

PAWJ California
High quality faux fur and shearling boots

Pora Bags
713-928-7522 •
Sustainable and socially responsible vegan bags

Posh Pelts
360-929-1391 •
Faux fur pillows and throws

Premium Furs
800-962-0320 •
Faux fur fabrics, throws, pillows, and lampshades

Redhanded Bags
Vegan bags and accessories

877 905-9539 •
Unique handbags in a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns

R.E. Load Baggage Inc.
215-625-2987 •
Nonleather, custom-designed messenger bags

704-676-4891 •
Vegan laptop bags, packs, DJ gear, and CD and DVD cases

Sonas Denim
Luxury fashion-forward unique men’s and women’s denim

Splaff Flops
619-221-9199 •
Nonleather sandals, bags, and belts made from recycled materials

Handcrafted vegan street-wear apparel for men and women

Strange Vixens
Handmade, cruelty-free everyday apparel, party wear, and lingerie

Sudo Shoes
617-354-1771 •
Vegan shoes, boots, bags, and wallets

Susan Nichole •
Stylish vegan purses

Tom Bihn
1-800-729-9607 •
Variety of nonleather bags, including laptop cases, briefcases, messenger bags, travel bags, and totes

416-778-1597 •
Fashionable nonleather belts and purses

Urban Expressions
Trendy and fashionable collection of women’s handbags

Used Rubber USA
415-716-9889 •
Wallets, organizers, and bags made from recycled rubber

Vamp Bags
Stylish vegan bags

Vaute Couture • •
High style vegan winter coats warm enough for below freezing weather, plus winter knits, tees, and art

Vegan Chic
1-866-918-3426 •
Vegan shoes, boots, bags, and belts

The Vegan Collection
Vegan shoes, belts, and wallets for men

0208 286 9947 •
Stylish vegan shoes, boots, and belts

Vegan Wares
61-3-9417 0230 •
Nonleather shoes, boots, briefcases, wallets, dog collars, jazz shoes, ballet slippers, and guitar straps

Vegetarian Shoes
011 44 12 7369 1913 •
Pleather jackets and belts and more than 50 styles of synthetic leather and synthetic suede shoes, including genuine Doc Martens boots and shoes, Birkenstocks, dress shoes, hiking boots, and work boots 
860-519-1918 •
Vegan shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and accessories

Veggies Footwear
Vegan shoes for women, men and children

Vulcana Bags
Wallets, organizers, and bags made from recycled rubber

Vegan shoes and accessories are often inexpensive—up to 60 to 75 percent cheaper than leather!

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  • Mike says:

    I’ve been looking for good vegan hiking and snow boots. There are lots of women’s boots on various sites, but not men’s (and I mean boots for active sports, not just urban cool-looking boots like vegan Doc Martens, which worthless in Vermont snow). I realized that Solomon, the ski gear company, has a full line of hiking and snow boots, and about 90% of them are vegan. It’s not clear which are leather-free, but if you call them, they’ll send you a long product list of their vegan footwear for men and women.

  • Shawn says:

    I’m looking to make down alternative feather beds. Any idea where I can buy some sort of synthetic down in bulk?

  • Tekila says:

    This is 100% vegan? But some of them use wood… Btw why isn’t here some stores of Mexico or another countries?

  • Paigeee90 says:

    Any recommendations for winter snow boots that are vegan/cruelty free? They would have to be waterproof and would need to hadle heavy snow.

  • Boling says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Living. Regards

  • Sophsky says:

    One for the list… vege leather belts, body harnesses, accessories, bondage etc. or 🙂

  • dorian says:

    looking for some vegan steel toe boots for work!!! i have looked all over and when i do find something decent, they do not have a description. i found some canvas boots but their description was very vague, and synthetic boots also but again a very vague description. so if anyone can send a link i would really appreciate it.

  • Jessica says:

    I’d also love all my Vegan to be 100% USA Made…not from China. (for obvious reasons)

  • Samuel says:

    I just can´t find any nut-bag…any ideas where i can buy it?

  • Nicole says:

    There should be more major companies on this list!!! Great article though.

  • Nicole says:

    Thanks for this list! Now if only vegan also meant “made in the U.S.A.” that would be even better…

  • Joeie says:

    Fianlly! This is just what I was looking for.

  • sanjasanjaj says:

    that’s in us only?cause i live in serbia and italy and i have never seen those brands?it would be great if they existed!!!though finding vegan leather bags and shoes is not such an issue,the issue is that they are not of great quality!

  • Eads says:

    I just completed reading through your posting. This is a Great blog.
    This has helped me learn something innovative.

  • Tiffany says:

    I am looking for vegan children’s clothing, anyone know any sites??

  • jessica says:

    thank you for information cruelty free animales.go buy happy!!!!!!!!!

  • says:

    Vegan Organic Hats By Made By Vegans, Support Vegan Business!!! One Love

  • leah says:

    Shop for vegan women’s shoes – believe it or not – online at Target. There are more shoes available online vs in their stores. See heels/pumps and mary jane styles for professional work! Yeah! Also, checkout

  • Carol says:

    Hey Pattijor, google “vegan madden girl” and you’ll get some good ideas for women’s vegan dress shoes. They are very comfortable as well.

  • Desiree says:

    I really like how these companies have stopped testing on animals for the better good.

  • Natural Jewelry says:

    We sell jewelry made out of wood, bone and antler that are gathered from the forest floor. Are there objections (e.g., PETA or vegan) to using animal products from wild-living creatures, if those animals are never disturbed or harmed?

  • Pattijor says:

    Really need help finding women’s business dress shoes for work. Everything is made of leather. It seems all the vegan shoes on-line are casual sandals. Help!

  • Anton says:

    You can generally get vegan shoes for around the same price as animal shoes, however the economies of scale are not quite there yet in most cases. Prices should fall further as volumes increase.

  • eric says:

    all the veggie shoes are quite expensive: mostly over about £60 or £70…..anybody know a good website with some more affordable shoes?? (prefer UK based)

  • Christopher F. says:

    I need a men’s size 14 dress shoe. I work for a bank and need business professional attire. Also, it would be ideal if the shoe were minimalist (flat sole with little padding) 🙂 My feet bark in oppressive dress shoes…

  • Matt says:

    Does anyone know of a company that produces vegan friendly high school varsity jackets? Thanks for your help.

  • KLynn says:

    To Sandra:
    There are vegan Dr. Martens boots in the 1460 and 1461 style. Both in red and black.

  • Balveer Jain says:

    I myself selling non leather belts and purse with direct manufacturing
    If any Boby wants belts and purse Leather
    My address 90/90 n s c Bose road Patni plaza chennai 79 near chennai railway fourth floor

  • darkharpy says:

    Does anyone know what teak leather is?

  • darkharpy says:

    Does anyone know where can i find vegan boots in dubai? N also vegan products in dubai?

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