Published by Christina Sewell.

Vegan wool means high-tech, eco-friendly, cruelty-free construction—a model set to take over the fashion industry. Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of VAUTE took the time to introduce us to her chic wool-free coats and chunky knit sweaters, which encourage positive change by taking animals out of the fashion equation.

To create VAUTE’s version of vegan wool, Hilgart turned to U.S.-based high-tech mills at the cutting edge of sustainability, using eco-conscious fabrics made from a blend of organics and recycled fibers. The combination makes for a super-warm, water-resistant, and windproof garment that gives back to the planet and spares sheep from painful mutilations on farms.

These are coats and sweaters that people who may not yet know about how cruelly animals are treated will adore, because they’re created with the warmth and protection of a coat from Patagonia but with the look and feel of a trendy, sleek dress coat.

With this fashion-forward clothing, VAUTE proves that rules were made to be broken and that what we choose to wear is extremely impactful. Everyone can make positive changes with simple everyday choices.

Animals shouldn’t be exploited and abused, and it’s time to make sure that there’s no need for them to be by creating animal-free apparel that looks, performs, and feels better. Check out VAUTE’s coat collection and learn more about how to wear vegan.

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