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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing: Companies That Sell Some Leather and Fur Alternatives

The following companies sell some nonleather products. To find out where their products can be purchased, please contact them directly.

Companies listed in this guide that are highlighted with an asterisk (*) are included in PETA’s online shopping mall at

Active Soles
1-800-881-4322 • [email protected]
Several styles of synthetic New Balance shoes for men and women.

1-800-982-9337 • [email protected]
Many styles of nonleather athletic shoes, including football, baseball, and soccer cleats.

1-800-798-9478 • [email protected]
Some styles of casual and dress shoes available in synthetic leather.

Aerostich/Rider Warehouse
1-800-222-1994 • [email protected]
Nonleather cycling apparel.

Synthetic snowboarding boots.

1-888-45-ALLOY • [email protected]
Good selection of nonleather shoes.

Alpine Stars
1-800-438-2577 • [email protected]
Nonleather motorcycle jackets, gloves, and pants.

The American Belt Company
215-639-8000 • [email protected]
Vegan belts for men.

American Tigerstrike, Inc.
951-520-0021 • [email protected]
Vegan half-finger punching gloves.

Anything Animals
321-953-8184 •
Faux-fur pillows, throws, and fabric.

Anywear Shoes
1-888-425-0077 • [email protected]
Brightly colored, biodegradable, padded clogs.

À Propos … Conversations
1-800-SHOES-2-GO • [email protected]
Nonleather shoes for women.

1-800-678-9435 • [email protected]
Synthetic athletic shoes.

1-888-855-2842 • [email protected]
Synthetic athletic shoes.

Bata Shoe Company, Inc.
416-446-2011 • [email protected]
Industrial footwear and protective clothing including nonleather high- and low-top boots suitable for factory or farm work.

Bella Luna Designs
Nonleather handbags and purses.

Bello Iris[email protected]
Nonleather designer-inspired bags.

1-800-234-4858 • [email protected]
Synthetic tap and dance shoes (styles include “Zoo Technique,” which is available by special order and the “Jr. Tyette”).

Carpenter Trade Company
607-264-8133 • [email protected]
Nonleather baseball gloves.

800-544-3795 •
Variety of non-leather boots and dress shoes.

Charlotte Russe
1-877-266-9327 • [email protected]
Some faux fur and nonleather bags, shoes, jackets and boots.

Charly Calder International
415-215-1108 • [email protected]
Faux fur coats.

Chinese Laundry Shoes
310-838-2103 •
Fashionable women’s shoes made with linen, microfiber, and other synthetic materials.

Nonleather skateboarding shoes (Jamie Thomas Pro Series).

1-800-752-1330 •
Comfortable shoes available in wide widths.

Coastal Classic Creations
650-728-7365 • [email protected]
Hemp/cotton organic totes.

Coldwave Snowmobile Apparel
616-866-3722 • [email protected]
Nonleather snowmobile apparel.

Competition Accessories
1-800-543-8208 • [email protected]
Nonleather cycling apparel.

1-800-428-2667 (U.S.) • 1-800-387-9550 (Canada)
“Chuck Taylor All-Stars,” high-top and low-top, in many styles, colors, and fabrics.

Faux fur slipcovers for boots.

303-998-6068 • [email protected]
Vegan slip-resistant footwear.

Crystalyn Kae 
1-866-310-9377 • [email protected]
Stylish vegan bags and belts.

The Vegan Pro line: nonleather shoes for men, women, and children.

[email protected][email protected]
Hip clothes and a good selection of nonleather shoes.

Delikate Rayne
[email protected]
Cruelty-free women’s contemporary luxury clothing

Dennis Kirk
1-800-328-9280 • [email protected]
Nonleather cycling apparel.

Dexter Shoes
1-888-8-DEXTER •
Several entirely synthetic styles of men’s and women’s bowling shoes and golf cleats.

212-755-9200 •
Some synthetic shoes and bags.

DiMarzio, Inc.
1-800-221-6468 • [email protected]
Nonleather guitar straps.

Doctor Couture
Cruelty-free lifestyle brand for men, women, children & pets.

718-802-1559 • [email protected]
Trendy nonleather accessories and belts.

1-800-477-8595 •
Nonleather shoes and bags.

1-877-372-2814 •
Nonleather shoes.

1-800-973-HEMP • [email protected]
Organically grown hemp accessories, bags, and apparel.

Eddie Bauer
1-800-625-7935 •
Nonleather laptop briefcases, luggage, duffel bags, day packs, and briefcases.

949-460-2020 •
Several styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.

Enzo Angiolini
Some fashionable professional nonleather women’s shoes.

És Footwear
Several styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.

949-460-2020 •
Several styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.

Etonic Shoes
Spalding Sports
1-800-SPALDING • [email protected]
Synthetic athletic shoes.

714-891-0555 •
Nonleather rock-climbing shoes.

Fabulous Furs*
1-800-848-4650 • [email protected]
Faux fur coats.

Fallen Footwear
760-599-2999 • [email protected]
Several styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.

Fantasia Wear
1-800-850-3268 • [email protected]
Sexy vinyl dresses, corsets, skirts, pants, catsuits, stilettos, boots, and thigh-high boots.

Fashion Bug
Nonleather shoes.
Fast Company
1-800-459-2239 • [email protected]
Denim protective motorcycle gear.

Faux Fur Fashions
[email protected]
Faux-fur coats for men and women, clothing, shoes, furniture, throws, and accessories.

1-888-FILA-NET • [email protected]
Synthetic athletic shoes.

Five Ten
909-798-4222 • [email protected]
Nonleather models of rock-climbing shoes, including the “Dragon,” “Anasazi Velcro,” and “Anasazi Lace-Up.”

Fogdog Sports
1-800-624-2017 •
Synthetic athletic shoes, golf gloves, footballs, basketballs, and softballs.
888-987-5678 • [email protected]
Nonleather bags.

Frederick‘s of Hollywood
1-800-323-9525 • [email protected]
Clothing with faux fur, pleather pants and skirts, faux suede skirts, and nonleather shoes and boots.

Funk e Feet
518-489-4387 • [email protected]
Nonleather shoes marked with a cow symbol for easy identification.

Garmont USA, Inc.
802-658-8322 • [email protected]
Nonleather hiking boots.

Giali USA
Motorcycle Apparel
919-877-8108 • [email protected]
Nonleather motorcycle jackets and shirts.

1-888-4-GLOBES • [email protected]
Several styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.
The Corner Store
413-568-6641 • [email protected]
Funky vinyl shoes, boots, bags, coats, skirts, dresses, and lingerie.

G.O. Max
626-839-9200 • [email protected]
Trendy nonleather women’s shoes.

Gravis Footwear
1-800-223-7450 • [email protected]
Nonleather bags and athletic shoes.

Green Shoes
011 44 180 386 4997 • [email protected]
Men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, boots, and casual sandals custom-made from nonleather materials.

Nonleather technique ballet shoes.

Vegan leather jackets.

1-800-LUV2RIDE • 414-343-4056 for catalog requests
Nonleather motorcycle coats, gloves, saddle bags, and fork bags.
1-888-HATSHACK • [email protected]
Nonleather cowboy hat.

Heavenly Soles
612-822-2169 • [email protected]
Shoes from Vegetarian Shoes.

Hot Topic
626-839-4681 •
Nonleather bags, belts, accessories, clothing, boots, shoes, and sneakers.

[email protected]
Several styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.

Jack Spade
212-625-1820 •
Designer nonleather bags in shoulder/bicycle and courier/briefcase styles.

1-800-322-1189 •
Nonleather bags and shoes.

Jeanne Lottie
PVC bags, cosmetics cases, cell phone cases, coin purses, and wallets.

Joe Rocket Sports Gear
1-800-635-6103 • [email protected]
Nonleather motorcycle jackets, gloves, and pants.

Nonleather shoes and handbags.

Karen Lukacs
520-250-4260 • [email protected]
Nonleather purses.

Kate Spade
1-800-519-3778 •
Nonleather designer handbags, totes, and shoes.

Kathy Van Zeeland
866-528-4988 •
Stylish nonleather bags.

1-800-680-0966, ext. 2258 • [email protected]
Synthetic athletic shoes.

1-866-KMART4U • [email protected]
Wide variety of synthetic leather shoes.

1-866-887-8884 •
Nonleather bags, shoes, winter boots, and faux shearling jackets.

LaCrosse Boots
1-800-323-BOOT •
Several styles of rubber boots including insulated, non-insulated, and steel-toed.

L.E.I. Jeans
212-242-9356 • [email protected]
Trendy nonleather shoes.

Life Stride
1-888-233-6743 •
Synthetic pumps, boots, and sandals.

Lip Service
1-866-DO-LIPPY • [email protected]
Pleather pants, tops, dresses, jackets, coats, vests, and hats.

Liz Claiborne
212-354-4900 •
Synthetic shoes in several styles.
877-277-2346 • [email protected]
Nonleather ice skates.

Macbeth Shoes
760-431-5577 • [email protected]
“The Elliot” synthetic shoe.

Madeline Stuart Shoes
Consolidated Shoe Company
1-888-368-7996 • [email protected]
Fashionable women’s shoes made from linen, microfiber, and other synthetic materials.

Mad Rock 
503-797-1952 • [email protected]
Nonleather rock-climbing shoes.

Marsee Products
1-800-293-2400 • [email protected]
Nonleather motorcycle jackets, pants, and cooling vests.

1-800-280-0846 • [email protected]
Flats, pumps, and other shoes.

Morrco Pet Supply
1-800-575-1451 •
Fancy nonleather dog collars.

1-800-214-RACE • [email protected]
Nonleather motorcycle jacket.

1-877-789-4940 • [email protected]
Variety of nonleather motorcycle boots.

1-800-777-6499 • [email protected]
“Ultra II” nonleather motorcycle pants and the Kevlar racing glove.

Mudd Jeans
Nonleather bags, belts, and shoes.

Nailers, Inc.
Nonleather tool belts, nail bags, and kneepads made from DuPont’s Cordura® fabric.

1-866-SHOES4U • [email protected]
Nonleather wedge pumps and snow boots.

New Balance
1-800-343-1395 •
Several synthetic styles of athletic shoes.

Nike, Inc.
1-800-344-6453 •
Men’s and women’s shoes, including soccer and golf cleats and children’s and baby’s shoes.

NYC Flea Market

212-460-8599 • [email protected]
Nonleather sneakers, shoes, and belts.

Nine West
1-800-999-1877 •
Nonleather shoes, belts, wallets, purses, bags, and other accessories.

The North Face
866-715-3223 •
The “Storm Peaks” non-leather hiking/snowshoeing boot.

206-762-2955 • [email protected]
“Stealth,” “Supercompact,” and “Team MTB” cycling shoes.

Off Broadway Shoes 
678-393-0081 •
Nonleather shoes and bags.

Olympia Sports
1-800-645-6124 • [email protected]
Nonleather riding gloves.

1154 LILL
773-292-6310 • [email protected]
Stylish nonleather bags.

858-874-4970 • [email protected]
Many styles of nonleather skateboarding shoes.

Paul Frank
949-515-7950 • [email protected]
Vinyl wallets, bags, coin purses, belts, and backpacks.

1-800-638-6464 •
Vegan shoes and synthetic outerwear options.

Pamela McCoy
Faux fur coats and hats.

Payless Shoe Source
1-877-474-6379 •
Widest selection of synthetic leather shoes available.

Perfect Image
Faux fur accessories.

Prima Royale Shoes
626-960-8388 • [email protected]
Nonleather shoes for women.

1-888-565-PUMA • [email protected]
Some synthetic athletic shoes, including baseball and soccer cleats.

Queen Bee Creations
360-352-1610 • [email protected]
Unique vinyl bags, wallets, belts, guitar straps, and accessories.

Rack Room Shoes
Nonleather shoes and bags.

1-800-843-4444 •
Several synthetic athletic shoes, including football, baseball, and soccer cleats.

1-800-426-4840 •
Adidas “Adventure” sandals,Teva sports sandals, Merrell sports sandals, Nike sports sandals, and nonleather belts, biking gloves, and watchbands.

Resophonic Outfitters
301-733-8271• [email protected]
Nonleather guitar straps.

Rina Shah
646-769-0978 • [email protected]
Nonleather bags, shoes, and belts.

Road Gear
719-547-4572 • [email protected]
Nonleather motorcycle pants.

Road Runner Sports*
1-800-636-3560 •
Nonleather running shoes, including Brooks, Asics, New Balance, Saucony, Reebok, Mizuno, Adidas, and Etonic.

Several leather-like and canvas casual and dress shoes.

Rocket Dog
213-629-9266 • [email protected]
Trendy nonleather shoes.

Sam & Libby
770-801-1200 • [email protected]
Nonleather shoes for women.

Santana Canada Footwear
Waterproof nonleather boots and shoes available in a variety of styles.

Seat Belt Bags 
877-666-BAGS • [email protected]
Stylish bags made from recycled seat belts.

1-800-991-0070 • [email protected]
Synthetic cycling shoes. Shop online or call to find a local retailer.
1-800-554-1235 • [email protected]
Nonleather ice and hockey skates.

1-800-746-3411 • [email protected]
Lots of boots, as well as canvas and rubber shoes.
[email protected]
Sexy nonleather boots, shoes, and sandals.

Spalding Sports
1-800-SPALDING • [email protected]
Synthetic volleyballs, basketballs, softballs, soccerballs, and footballs.

Steve Madden
1-888-SMADDEN • [email protected]
Many nonleather women’s shoes.

Sublime Custom Designs 
818-509-1246 • [email protected]
Luxury faux-fur bedspreads, throws, pillows, and rugs.
Hemp clothing, hats, and packs.

Sweet Herb
718-667-0363 • [email protected]
Faux-fur capes, boas, stoles, vests, hats, and bridal accessories.

1-888-304-4000 •
Wide variety of synthetic shoes, bags, wallets, and more.

616-866-3722 • (East Coast) • 949-363-0836 (West Coast)
[email protected]
Textile jackets, pants, gloves, and boots for motorcycling.

1-800-367-8382 • [email protected]
Nonleather sports shoes, sandals, and clothing.

Synthetic snowboarding boots.

Thorowgood Ltd.
011 44 1922 711676 • [email protected]
Synthetic saddles.

1-800-445-5545 • [email protected]
Clothing, outerwear, backpacks, and bags.

Tomorrow’s World
1-800-229-7571 • [email protected]
Nonleather clothing, shoes, belts, bags, and organic hemp products.

Tour Master
Nonleather motorcycle jackets, pants, one-piece suits, gloves, and bags.

Tretorn[email protected]
Canvas tennis-style shoes.

V Sports
Synthetic soccerballs.

Vans, Inc.
1-800-826-7800 • [email protected]
Canvas, linen, and flannel Oxfords, mules, and Mary Janes and nonleather skateboarding shoes.

Victoria‘s Secret
800-411-5116 •
Sells a variety of non-leather shoes.

Viking Bags
323-679- 3301 • [email protected]
Variety of non-leather saddlebags.

WaterField Designs
877-546-1040 • [email protected]
Nonleather bags, computer cases, totes, and accessories.

Weatherproof Garment Company
212-695-7716 • [email protected]
Weatherproof nonleather outerwear for men, women, and children.

Wellington House
Wide variety of conservative nonleather shoe styles.

Wild Pair
Stylish nonleather shoes and boots.

Willie & Max
847-356-7763 •
Nonleather saddlebags.

Wilson Sporting Goods Company
773-714-6400 •
Nonleather footballs, etc.

Synthetic saddles.
1-866-201-1295 •
Nonleather bags and wallets.

Yak Pak
1-800-2-YAKPAK •
Synthetic bags.

Yamaha Motor Corporation
1-800-88-Yamaha •
Nonleather riding gloves.
Wide variety of nonleather shoes. •
Nonleather handbags and shoes.

Inclusion in this guide does not imply endorsement by PETA of any of the products. We encourage consumers to SHOP RESPONSIBLY and to question companies about their products and business practices before making any purchase.

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  • Alanna-R says:

    @Justin “Man-made” generally means synthetic fibers but if the company isn’t listed here, we can’t vouch for their products being cruelty-free.

  • Soda boots says:

    Are Soda boots made from animal skin? On them, they say “man made.” Thanks, Justin

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    This is going to sound really strange and I don’t want to make anyone hate me. But, has anyone heard the rules on silk underwear? We bought them by accident. Is that ok?

  • Pet Products says:

    How about pet clothing? I don’t see any pet related sites on this list for cruelty free pet products or companies that are “cruelty free”. I know that pet super store does not carry any “real” animal based fur products and supports the ethical treatment of animals.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just wondering, is American Eagle a good brand? I am trying so hard to change my buying habits, but it is so hard there is so much to remember about everything and not all cruelty free places/brands actually put it out there that they are cruelty free. Thanks guys!

  • Crowes in The Gaslight says:

    Have a look at a company based in Brighton simply called Vegetarian Shoes. I get all my shoes from there, quick warning though:Due to how few shops there are that offer that sort of thing, it’s quite expensive.

  • Motorcycle Parts says:

    We also carry many product that are made from man made materials that are made in to motorcycle boots and jackets. Kevlar mesh is just one of the synthetics but their are more. So if you dont want leather but want riding gear we can help.

  • Meridia says:

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  • ursmiling says:

    Hi there!
    I am hoping that someone could help me out! I’m looking for two pairs of faux leather pants, to fit a 9yr old girl and 9yr old boy. (For an upcoming costume that is needed) I also live in Canada. There are soooo many sites here that I am overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Thanks! And I hope someone can help me 🙂

  • Philippa says:

    Hey everyone, is this only for US or also for Europe? I am actually looking for nice vegan shoes, does anyone have a good tip? I have looked at “Beyond Skin”, which is UK based, but I am actually looking for something way more classic for work( public administration!). I am also looking for a good dance shoes (Latin/Ballroom dances) and try to find vegan ones. I am located in Austria… and haven’t come accross any vegan shoes that would fit the style I am looking for (again, really classy – black, brown, grey…). If anyone has any idea? Thank you so much!

  • Heavy Interactive says:

    Great list of apparel companies to choose from here. Thanks for posting.

  • Jess says:

    This is a great list!!!! I LOVE animals and i don’t want to see them hurt <3