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Animal-Free Entertainment

Kathy Stevens of Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Get to know the heart behind Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Kathy Stevens.

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NYC Contest Winner Recaps Experience

PETA’s NYC contest winner, Kate, recaps her magical Thanksgiving in the big apple.

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Send a Virtual Gift That Helps Animals

Pick one of PETA’s ‘virtual gifts’ to help the animals you love, and we’ll send a cool e-card to the person you love.

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Support PETA This Cyber Monday!

Go green and save green this Cyber Monday! Use this code to get 20 percent off a limited edition PETA SIGG water bottle.

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Travel By Train With Your Animal Companion

Some train companies only permit animals in baggage compartments, and this is not a humane option.

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How I Worked With My Child’s School to Replace Circus Field Trips

When my daughter’s school announced that it was planning to take students on a field trip to the circus, I knew that I had to step in.

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Make Beautiful Music With Animal-Friendly Instruments

Musical instruments made from animal products are way out of tune. Harmonize with animals by getting down on cruelty-free gear instead.

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Dick Gregory Speaks Up for Animals in Circuses

There are simple steps each of us can take to eliminate the exploitation of other beings. One is to refuse to go to any circus that uses animals.

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Deadly Destinations

If you care about animals, avoid animal exhibits like you would avoid poison ivy.

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Animal-Friendly Accommodations

Not all places welcome companion animals. Please be sure to check out the rules before deciding to take your companion animal along.

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Animal-Free Entertainment 101

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