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These 10 Animals Are Keeping a Secret From You (Photos)

Find out the secret that these animals have and reap the many health benefits from it:

1. It’ll give you great hair! It could be all those apples—mine’s coming in nicely, if I do say so myself.

2. I love carrots, but unfortunately, they enable to me to see everything. Yeah, I know what you were doing last night. Have you no shame?

3. It means less pain and suffering for all! And I’ll be able to stop judging you…

4. I’m happy! It happened to me—it could happen to you, too.

5. It’s… PEANUT BUTTER! Now give me some!

6. Don’t let him fool you. The secret is not solely peanut butter. Relax—you’ll find out soon.

7. Increased virility, strength, and power—they’re what I have.  Do you want them, too?

8. Tell me more.

9. You could lose a ton of weight and lower your cholesterol drastically. That’s kind of a big deal. These goats aren’t sure if you’re ready for this.

10. Well, the reason why we are happy and have great skin and hair and increased virility and strength is …

Are we driving you nuts?

Want to get the health benefits that these animals have? Go vegan! It’s easy and can be done in three simple steps.