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10 Shocking PETA Videos

Through the years, PETA’s shocking videos have exposed the horrific abuse and suffering that animals endure on factory farms, in laboratories, and even in so called “sanctuaries.”

Here are 10 of PETA’s most shocking videos:

This may make you want to put down that drumstick and pick up some vegan buffalo wings instead.

… and this little piggy was slammed against the floor.

Have you ever heard a rabbit scream?

Was this video responsible for Joaquin’s 2009 meltdown?

Want fries with that?

Think there’s nothing shocking about testing flea and tick products? Think again.

Warning: This video might send your animal companion into a downward spiral.

Retirement home for racehorses = the slaughterhouse

Electrocution and neck-breaking right here in the ole US of A

The most watched PETA video of all time. Find out why.

Think we left off the most shocking video of all? If so, leave a comment to let us know.

You can also do your part to help end animal suffering by joining PETA’s Action Team and signing up for mobile alerts from PETA.

Remember: Animals can’t speak up for help, but you can.


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