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We’ve compiled some of the saddest Facebook videos—concerning animals who were abused for food, clothing, entertainment, or another industry—based on your reactions.

What’s captured in these videos should have never occurred. Although the footage is difficult to watch, our posts have inspired countless comments and reactions and also motivated many people to cut thoughtless cruelty to animals out of their lives.

Warning: These videos can be graphic and disturbing.

1. People are so removed from the process. Here’s your chicken dinner, in reverse.

2. Neighbors captured footage of this lonely “backyard dog” over a period of six weeks. Actor Justin Long tells the sad story of Charlie.

3. Why would anyone string bears up and drag monkeys around by their necks? (On Facebook, the disturbing video was hidden.)

4. Do you know what happens to big cats in the circus?

5. The egg industry makes baby chicks’ first day of life hell. (The original video is so graphic that Facebook blocked it.)

6. No leather is worth this. (Facebook also hid this video.)

7. The hermit crabs you see at beach shops and pet stores may come from this horrifying supplier.

8. You won’t believe the excuses that people give for abandoning their dogs.

9. Elephants aren’t the only animals suffering in circuses. (This video was blocked by Facebook.)

10. Consider this while pouring milk into that coffee or bowl of cereal: Here’s your milk, in reverse.

11. They are on their way to die and are so crowded that they’re vomiting on each other—then someone drives by and yells, “Bacon rules!”

12. This is everything that tigers go through to entertain humans—beyond just performing in the circus.

13. No bacon could explain away this cruelty.

14. You know Lolita’s story, but do you know what happened to her tankmate, Hugo?

15. He just wanted to be free, but instead, he was shot.

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