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Exposed: Despite ‘Responsible Down Standards,’ Farms Still Live-Plucking Geese

“Humane” down suppliers to Eddie Bauer, L.L.Bean, and Hollander Sleep Products are linked to live plucking of geese.

Why Was This Compassionate Shareholder Barred From Prada’s Annual Meeting?

Outside the meeting, protesters posed with life-size model ostriches. Inside, one shareholder was barred from using their voice to demand that Prada ditch exotic skins.

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Asmussen Might Win the Derby—but His Horse Won’t © A Sanchez

Asmussen Might Win the Derby—but His Horse Won’t

Here’s why we won’t be impressed if Gun Runner or Creator wins the Derby.

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PETA Australia Demands Drug Tests for Sheep Shearers

A new PETA Australia ad is exposing the international wool trade for what it really is: a drug-fueled battleground in which sheep are often beaten and killed.

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Who’s Smarter Than PetSmart? Courtney Stodden … and Almost Everyone Else

Courtney Stodden tells PetSmart that it’s PetStupid.

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Update: Pet Store Owner Convicted of 18 Counts of Abuse

Two businesses kept animals in disgusting conditions and froze them alive—now one of the co-owners is facing the music.

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VIDEO: Dead Piglets Left to Rot on British Pig Factory Farms

Activists visited UK pig farms to see for themselves how the animals were treated. This heartbreaking video shows what they found.

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Reptiles Suffer, Left to Die at Another Massive PetSmart Supplier Mill

Eyewitnesses found that reptiles were denied basic care, left to suffer with gruesome injuries, and cruelly killed at a PetSmart supplier. Sound familiar? It is. Act now!

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Exposed: Juvenile Ostriches Butchered for Hermès and Prada ‘Luxury’ Bags

Soon after exposing the slaughter of alligators and crocodiles for Hermès Birkin bags, eyewitnesses capture video of Hermès and Prada suppliers butchering young ostriches.

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Rabbits Hit, Hung Up, and Skinned Alive in the Chinese Fur Trade

PETA Asia found that rabbits are forced to live in urine-encrusted cages before finally being strung up and skinned—sometimes while still alive. Act now!

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PetSmart Stands by Supplier Cited by Feds for Over 100 Violations!

At least 117 violations of the Animal Welfare Act were found at Holmes Farm following a PETA exposé. Tell PetSmart you won’t shop there until it cuts ties with …

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Fur-Farm Cruelty: Minks and Foxes Gassed en Masse

A two-month PETA U.S. eyewitness exposé of Dillenburg Fur Farm, LLC, a massive fur farm in Wisconsin revealed that thousands of minks and scores of foxes were kept in …

Hollywood Animal Trainer Caught on Video Viciously Whipping a Young Tiger

“If … we’d been running a videotape … of the times I struck this animal … PETA would burn this place to the ground.”

UPDATE: More Congress Members Join Fight Against Dog Leather

Members of Congress work together as the fight to protect dogs from being killed for their skin intensifies.

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Leather: Hell for Animals and Children in Bangladesh

Singer and animal rights activist Leona Lewis narrates a shocking PETA video exposé of Bangladesh’s billion-dollar leather industry, which reveals who really pays the highest price for “affordable” leather: …