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Spring Cleaning

Written by PETA | April 12, 2007

It’s officially Spring (Allie and Lis, who sit at the desks next to me, are informing me that it has, in fact, officially been Spring for, like, two weeks already — so, I dunno, sorry for the old news. I’ve been busy, so I only just noticed.) Anyway, for anyone who’s rocking a little Spring cleaning this April, it’s worth remembering that PETA accepts donations of those hideous fur coats from straight out of the ’80s that seem to lurk in closets and attics everywhere, waiting for just the right time to pounce. We mark them up so they can’t be resold, use them in street-theater-style demonstrations, and give them away to the homeless, making the point that only those in desperate need have any excuse to wear fur. Ain’t that just philanthropic as hell? By way of an illustration, here’s an image from a recent demonstration outside a Burberry store conducted by my current favorite PETA affiliate, PETA Germany. BurberryDemo.JPG

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  • Caroline says:

    The ads and literature of Peta are always very compelling and hard to ignore even for the most hardhearted fur wearing people. For all those fur wearing morons who never seem to understand or actually who don’t want to understand the torture and bloodshed that goes into making fur its the right time to give some animals’ skin that you have been hiding in your sinful closet straight to Peta so they could use it for demonstrations and other good purposes. Caroline

  • Maya says:

    Congrats PETA on your success in advocating for chinchillas. They are wonderful animals they belong in the desert not living as pets and OF COURSE not as a fur coat. I have also read that some wildlife rehabilitators love using fur coats for certain wild animals who have been orphaned and have trouble keeping warm.