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Update: Orca Badly Hurt in SeaWorld Clash

Written by PETA | October 1, 2012


After visiting SeaWorld and taking photographs of Nakai’s injury (two of which are shown below), Dr. Ingrid N. Visser, founder and principal scientist of the Orca Research Trust, found that there are “puncture marks that match orca teeth spacing,” which “is a clear indication that an altercation between the orcas was involved.” The puncture marks in question can be seen at the bottom right of the wound in the first photo below:

© Ingrid N. Visser, Ph.D.
©Ingrid N. Visser, Ph.D.

©Ingrid N. Visser, Ph.D.

This evidence strongly suggests that Nakai’s wound was indeed caused by a bite resulting from incompatible confinement rather than contacting with the side of the pool, as SeaWorld has alleged.

Originally posted September 28:

Following a serious and gruesome injury to an orca in an avoidable attack, PETA has submitted a complaint asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to take disciplinary action against SeaWorld for housing orcas incompatibly in violation of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

As you can see in these disturbing photographs, Nakai, an 11-year-old male orca at SeaWorld in San Diego, sustained a laceration so significant that, as a whistleblower said, “a dinner plate-sized chunk of his lower mandible [has been] sheared off, exposing underlying tissues, and bone.” The flesh cut from him “was big enough and intact enough for SeaWorld to retrieve it from the bottom of the pool.”

According to the whistleblower’s report to journalist Tim Zimmermann, Nakai’s injury was a result of “a major altercation” between Nakai and two other orcas, Keet and Ikaika. The AWA makes it clear that “marine mammals that are not compatible must not be housed in the same enclosure.” Yet SeaWorld parks have a long history of housing incompatible orcas from widely divergent groups together in enclosures—and the result has been stress, agitation, aggressive and bloody raking, serious injury, and death.

What You Can Do

It’s clear that SeaWorld can’t be trusted to make the safety and well-being of marine animals its top priority. Please don’t ever visit SeaWorld (or any other marine-mammal park)—and tell company executives why you won’t support the abuse of Nakai and the other intelligent, complex animals they’ve imprisoned and enslaved.

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  • Guy Greenwood says:

    Its not that bad – accidents happen in the wild as well you know – calm down people – Sea World does a lot of great things for marine conservation too.

  • shelly smith says:

    Seaworld has contravened all manner of court rulings after the death of two trainers – they were supposed to stop the physical interaction with the orcas during shows, etc. Now this… when will they learn?? when will they be shut down!?

  • Nanna Fjord says:

    Shame on you!! Set the animals FREE and close this disgusting circus!!

  • BRODEHOUX says:

    il est inadmissible de garder ces animaux prisonniers, leur vie est dans la mer en liberté

  • Taran Olga says:

    It is very cruel and inhumane.

  • Sande McMullen says:

    Clearly, humans were not intended as caregivers of marine mammals. This is an appalling tragedy…that poor defenseless animal must be in unimaginable pain. Even if the bite hadn’t happened, why should we assume that these caged creatures are not suffering hellishly!!!! Free them all and never assume that you have the right to intrude on the living space of other species.

  • Kat says:

    I understand everyones concerns but we nee to look in the mirror with these issues. How many of us have visited a pet store, a zoo, or in this case a marine theme park? In any case the animal is housed against there will for the soul purpose of money. I cant imagine that every single person that reads this and says its horrible has never been to a zoo or anything else like this…..I avoid zoos that are for profit, theme parks with animals, etc at all costs because I am not for torturing and imprisoning animals so I can get 10 minutes of laughter…..Same goes for people who wear fur coats, leather jackets, and use products tested on animals…Every single one of us is an enabler when we think long and hard about it..

  • Fanny Abregú says:

    Horrible, monstruoso, indigno.

  • cheryl says:

    this has to stop , sea world needs closing down this is cruel

  • Ieda Scalisse says:

    SEA WORLD MUST BE CLOSED!!! This is absolutely unnaceptable! Poor animal!

  • sassee says:

    really sad what our animals have to endure…….

  • Marge Post says:

    Forgot to ask….is the park doing anything to help heal this orca? Or are they just going to leave him with his pain in the tank?

  • Caron Kruger says:

    Please stop this practice of putting all ocean mammals together and give this Orca time to heal away from other orcas or any other marine mammals . Thank You for hearing me.

  • Marge Post says:

    The only way to make these parks shut down is to hurt them in the pocket book. Money is all they care about. As long as people pay to go to these parks, they will stay open and continue abusing animals. PLEASE, everyone, refuse to pay to see this abuse.

  • MirjamALF says:

    Close Sea World!! Freedom for the animals!

  • Marcella De Fazio says:

    I’m more surprised at the lack of interest by so many good people out there who are animal lovers and are deeply concerned about animals being mistreated, slaughtered inhumanely for food consumption, caged and beaten to perform tricks for the enjoyment of so many more people who just don’t care. Let’s put an end to seaworld and marineparks once and for all.

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    This is so disturbing, so sad, and so unnecessary. Of course, they are stressed. Their own sonar bounces off the walls of their enclosures back at them. They have no room. It’s all unnatural. To take something so majestic and confine it’s life like that for a few dirty dollars is SICK and EVIL and we should NOT tolerate it. These animals do NOT belong to Sea World. These animals are derived from the wild. That bite has got to be incredibly painful. I’m sure he’s feeling systemic symptoms as a result. But, it’s business as usual? SeaWorld is one sick, depraved, greedy puppy. CLOSE THEM DOWN. ALL OF THEM.

  • Hartmut Hanke says:

    There is no need to give any comment. People who do not see this torture doing to animals will never accept that these animals belong to the ocean . and not into a chlorinated paddle.

  • Brenda Wood says:

    What is wrong with these people? Obviously all they care about is making money and not the welfare of their animals (prisoners)! (big shock). When will the world realize, animals are not ours to eat, wear or use for our entertainment?!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    thanks for updating.

  • Katie says:

    I live in San Diego and NEVER go to this concentration camp. Devastating that more people are not outraged by the lack of care and compassion show to these creatures.

  • Elizabeth says:

    These sort of Seaworld and marine parks need to be closed down.

  • Karen Matthews says:

    This is inexcusable. Sea World must end its tortuous and greedy imprisonment of these creatures!

  • Madi says:

    This also happens in the wild. The sea world caretakers are medicating it which would not be happening in the wild. All animals play, orcas play aggressive.


    Basta de torturas y tener en cautividad animales

  • GcMoon29 says:

    Sea World MUST be closed!!!This is unnaceptable!!!!!

  • Delores says:

    I will never go there and I live in san diego . that has to hurt and looks like to them the show must go on.. Ya let me do that to you and see how it feels!

  • Rosa says:

    Los responsables merecen ser castigados

  • Vera says:

    Shame. Disgusting. Makes me sick and sad. Poor slaved creature. We must stop this.

  • DmrlS says:

    no deberian de mantener animales tan bellos privados de su libertad y si lo hacen, por lo menos tengan la responsabilidad de atenderlos como se merecen O MEJOR.

  • Selene says:

    Haaa del asco!!! No es posible :/

  • Marishka says:

    estos bellos animales no estan hechos para vivir encerrados.

  • Lise F. says:

    Sea World MUST be closed!!!

  • Paulina Morales says:

    This is just unnaceptable!!!

  • extraction tooth says:

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  • dog lover says:

    VERY!VERY!VERY!Painful to read.

  • HANNAH says:

    disgusting. its horrible,you are monsters

  • SunnytheBunny says:

    why is this blog called the pedophiles? oh sorry i dont have my glasses on, misread the title >_> oh and go seaworld! woo!

  • aminalDude474 says:

    looks like that ship just hit a rock

  • Jimmy Dunn says:

    These are rather violent creatures. How far apart these incidents are is fairly impressive. when an animal gets hurt like that, it usually has to get moved from the main pool. Goodbye profit, hello medical expenses.

  • WhaleLover4816 says:

    that…looks like how it feels when you skim your belly on the bottom of a pool

  • olinda maria barros says:

    cuando van a entender que los animales salvajes no son un recurso renovable por diosss, piedad con ellos

  • B says:

    The best course of action is to get a petition or law started that Sea World can no longer allow breeding and cannot acquire new orcas, whales, or large mammals. They cannot release their current ones as they are too dependent and will not survive in the wild.

  • lynn cowley says:

    Poor creature should close the place down is so cruel

  • Lisa says:

    The treatment of this orca whale is disgusting …u cannot say that Sea World is doing anything humane to help this whale, furthermore, it was stated that these orcas must be separated and also stated that in many cases they ARE NOT! Raised in captivity or not, if people would just STOP attending these shows, there would be no need to keep these whales in a lifetime of captivity and possible death! I hope that they r shut down and fined for this senseless act of cruelty!

  • SeaWorld Supporter says:

    This was a accident. No one saw it coming. They are doing everything they can to help Nakai. These whales are cared for. Accidents happen. He was born here. All the whales have adapted to their life in captivity.

  • Alison says:

    SEAWORLD YOU SUCK! animals the priority, NO , more like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Always has been and always will be. The whales are a commodity and that’s it. You couldn’t give a shit as long as that bank balance keeps rising.

  • Ben Adam says:

    Shut it down SeaWorld now. They can go home and count their loot. They won’t die. We’re sure they’ll find some other nefarious way to profit from those weaker than they.

  • Fhallon andf Miracle says:

    They Put orcas in slavery JUST LIKE THE BLACK PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,ITS A SHAME A SHAME AGAINST GOD 🙁 Die seaworld die DIIIEEEEEEEEE.