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Make That 11 Reasons Salmon Makes Me Gag

Written by PETA | August 20, 2008
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PETA created a Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Salmon list a couple years ago. With the report of a man contending that he got a 9-foot (!!!) tapeworm after eating undercooked salmon hitting the news cycle, it looks like it’s time for the list to be updated.

In a lawsuit filed on Monday, a man said he ordered salmon salad for lunch from Shaw’s Crab House in Chicago in 2006 and fell violently ill. He later passed the giant (three yard sticks long!!!) parasite, which a pathologist determined came from undercooked fish, such as, yes, salmon.

So, which current top reason not to eat salmon does a 9-foot (!!!) tapeworm knock off? The Environmental Working Group estimates that 800,000 people in the U.S. face an excess lifetime cancer risk from eating farmed salmon. Would you rather have cancer or a tapeworm? Studies have also shown that children born to mothers who eat fish are slower to talk, walk, and develop fine motor skills and that they have weaker memories and shorter attention spans (fish collect toxins). Hmm … brain damage or tapeworms? Tough choices ahead!

Oh, wait! Sorry for making a big deal about the fact that the tapeworm was 9 feet long. It turns out that tapeworms can measure up to 50 feet long. So I guess 9 feet is nothing to worry about. No big deal.

Take a look at our original Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Salmon list here, and let me know what you think about this whole, um, adventure.

Written by Joel Bartlett

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  • Sars says:

    Best not eat the lettuce in your salad. Every piece of food from animal products to plant products poses some risk of contamination from anything. There is possibly more of a risk from getting foodborne diseases from vegetables and fruit then from meat for the sole reason that veggies and fruit are often eaten raw. Meaning they are not cooked and thus the parasites that came from the animal products used to grow the veggie everything from a decomposing animal from years prior to manure are not subjected to heat which often times kills them. But yes understand that parasites need to survive just like humans and animals. You take a risk of hosting one of these little guys whenever you pick up a piece of undercooked or raw food be it meat or veggie. And I hope you would change that comment about women who eat fish. Not all children of fish eating mothers are slow or have attention span problems. The majority of us are bright and going on to do great things in the world. If there is something mentally wrong with the child it usually comes from genetics not that I’m saying food doesn’t have an influence on the future child’s health. But your statement was very generalized and does not apply to much of the current population.

  • erika says:

    yuck!!! and Kat I also saw that special on Animal Planet. All the more reason to not eat any meat!!! but Grayson you are right when you say that all foods can have these parasites. but at the same time it seems like we find them more in different types of meats.

  • Grayson says:

    I love how you focus on how ‘Oh my god! Meat gives you tape worms!’ When this is not the only way. Any food can be contaminated with tape worm eggs. Be it Salmon Eggs Bread or lettuce. You can obtain a Tape worm by swimming in the ocean in tropical areas! PeTa make sure you give all sides of a story.

  • Tabitha says:

    Key word here being…UNDERCOOKED.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Parasites have as much right to eat me as I have to eat salmon. If I were as worried about parasites as you guys are I would never leave the house. I have probably been bitten by five hundred ticks and other ectoparasites this year. That being said I do what I can to avoid them without altering my outdoor activities. Tapeworms gotta eat too. Parasites are part of nature and they are as beautiful and fascinating as any other critter. The toxicity of salmon has nothing to do with the salmon rather the plastics of the plastic world you people strive to create.

  • Adam Buckley says:

    Wow fish have tapeworms too? Although I’m a vegetarian I would never eat sushi if I still ate meatexcept I ate a bite once which was a few years before I took up vegetarianism! God bless the innocent animals who were ruthlessly slaughtered in the slaughterhouses across the world for food! May they be consoled in heaven forever. It’s so sad that most people don’t know how bad it is to take an animal’s life just because you want to eat it. Even worse is the idiotic fur thing ivory hunting for pleasure and all animal abuse. God bless the poor animals who suffer from these as well!

  • Ana says:

    Just another reasonincentive to be vegan. There was a story on Animal Planet of a man who ate a fish he had caught that was not fully “cooked” and he also had a 9footer crawl out of his anus. Whew!!! Go Vegan!!!

  • Kat says:

    wow thats all I can say is WOW I mean thats really crazy do you think this guy will keep eating ANIMALS? if he does then I guess he hasnt learned his lesson.

  • yf says:

    I presume he swallowed a parasite egg which much much much later grew into it’s fully grown length.. ie. 10 feet in his gut.. it’s not possible to chew and then swallow a fully grown parasite in it’s entirety.. but then agian I’m not an expert into the lifespan and growth cycle of your average tape worm .. if this story is indeed true… then it is indeed ‘food for thought’.. be careful what you eat.. everyone consuming less meat on a daily or weekly basis is good for all concerned.. your health hte planet.. and last but no less .. the animals..