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Italy Passes Sweeping Reforms for Animals in Laboratories

Written by PETA | August 2, 2013

Here’s some great news to kick off the new month: Italy’s parliament has passed a whole series of new laws restricting experiments on animals!

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Among other things, the new regulations ban:

  • The breeding of dogs, cats, and primates for experimentation
  • The use of animals in military exercises and experiments
  • All experiments involving alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  • Using live animals in education, except for training doctors and veterinarians
  • Any painful experiment without the use of anesthesia, except for testing the effects of analgesia or anesthetics

Italy’s positive steps forward, which will likely undergo a review by the EU before being enacted officially, come just months after an EU ban on the sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals went into effect. Yet, as the links above make embarrassingly clear, the U.S. is still lagging behind our European friends when it comes to protecting animals from torturous experiments, although the many victories won by PETA with our members’ support make a world of difference for animals in laboratories.

What You Can Do

Please continue to speak out against the use of animals for experimentation and enact your own ban by choosing cruelty-free cosmetics and personal-care products.

To help PETA close the gap with Europe and work toward ending cruel experimentation on animals, become a member today!

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