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Adrien Brody Wants Horses off NYC Streets

Written by PETA | September 6, 2012

Update: After this latest tragic horse-drawn carriage accident, New York native Adrien Brody has thrown his support behind PETA’s campaign to get horses off New York City’s streets. The Academy Award–winning actor wrote to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn on PETA’s behalf urging her to adopt the proposed pilot program to replace the carriages with eco-friendly replicas of classic cars. You can read Adrien’s letter here.

Originally posted August 19:

Yet another scary incident involving a horse occurred in Manhattan last week as Oreo, a horse forced to pull carriages around Central Park, panicked at the chaotic automotive traffic at Columbus Circle and fled down Broadway, overturning the carriage, which contained the driver and two passengers. Shocked onlookers—including Soledad O’Brien of CNN—watched as the carriage struck an object, splitting in two. Oreo was finally restrained and tranquilized by the police.

In addition to the public danger that crashes like this pose, as PETA has often pointed out in its campaign to help New York City’s horses, it’s simply cruel to make horses pull heavy loads on hard pavement in all kinds of weather, dodging loud traffic and inhaling exhaust fumes. Celebrities—including Martina Navratilova, Pink, Kristen Johnston, and Lea Michele—have offered their support for PETA’s campaign to get these anguished animals off the mean streets of Gotham.

What You Can Do

It’s high time for the horse-drawn carriage industry to be put out to pasture permanently. Please join PETA in asking City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to support a bill seeking to replace the carriages with eco-friendly classic cars.

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  • Horseman says:

    @Anita Mc Pherson, actually they are. Horses are a species created by humans from wild equines around the steppes in Mongolia. They were created/bred to pull loads, be ridden and such.

  • emilie says:

    This is outrageous, all that poor horse wants is to be in a natural place where grass grows, not roads. I hate the way people treat horses like vehicles. I especially hate how the Australian allows the hunting of brumbies by shooting them with a machine gun from a helicopter. It’s a disgrace when you realise how much horses both wild AND tame suffer at the hands of thoughtless people 🙁

  • The PETA Team says:

    Hi Ashley, Thanks for your comment! Oreo was reportedly sent to Blue Star Equiculture, a “sanctuary” (really a working farm) that has ties to the carriage industry. You can read more here: The best thing you can do for Oreo and the other horses forced to pull carriages is to urge City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to support a bill seeking to replace the carriages with eco-friendly classic cars and please share with your friends and family: Thanks for all you do for animals! -The PETA Team

  • Merry Robin says:

    Riding in a classic car around Central park sounds like fun. I would love that. What a great suggestion. I have heard of horses being work to death LITERALLY by being used by the horse and carriage industry. Horses shouldn’t be used like this when we easily can make another choice.

  • Ashley says:

    What happened to Oreo after he was tranquilized and restrained? Is he okay now? Can he be taken to a sanctuary?

  • nicE says:

    totally cruel and so unecessary in this day and age!!

  • Dana S. says:

    Mayor Bloomberg, wake up and smell the horse poop. Ban horse carriages!

  • Jason new yorker says:

    It’s time to retire these horses and ban horse drawn carriages forever. A terribly unnatural, cruel, useless industry. I see the horses suffering on the streets hauling around clueless tourists.

  • KylieB says:

    It is stupid and cruel to horses!!!

  • *** peta says:

    Oh here we go, one horse crash and boom, Peta is pushing for eco-friendly cars.

  • Anita Mc Pherson says:

    Horses aren’t meant to be a vehicle!!

  • Jamie Lee Brennan says:

    This is animal cruelty!!!

  • Lori Anne Mc Pherson says:

    Please Stop this inhumane abuse!!!

  • Barbara Smith says:

    Ban Horse drawn carriages , dangerous for humans, cruel to the horses.

  • Lena in shame rain says:

    New rules lol, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes too. I saw 3 carriages on upper west side 11 pm after a cure concert & one carriage @ central park. When he saw me taking photos he & his horse got out of there quick. I also worked in a apartment overlooking the zoo on 5th & only time those horse & carriage in full throttle with passengers was when snow fell. Two weeks lthis year. They are doing nothing for tourism or the economy, stop this shameful industry & do it around the world like you did with smoking!!!